In the past couple of decades, companies started to realize that it’s a lot cheaper to keep a client, rather than trying to find a new one. In order to counteract the effects of customer churn, marketing departments have one priority: customer retention.

The best ways to keep the clients close to your company are:

1. Customer experience

The first impression is very important, in order to do that, you need to have all your processes optimized. No flaws are allowed during the buying, delivering and service processes. In order to achieve that, you need a good Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Bill Rinehart, CEO and founder of DUFL said that, "delivering an amazing customer experience is our mantra”.

For DUFL, a unique customer experience is vital. They chose Salesforce CRM services and it helped them gain a 99.9% retention rate. This CRM service enables them to keep track of each individual’s unique needs. This way, they can provide a customized experience and exceptional support for their customers.

2. Good customer service

Even though you win new clients, it’s vital to keep them close to your business. In order to achieve this, you need a good customer service organization. In a very fast-paced market, your customer support should keep the pace.

Laura Norman, from Desk, offers some good insights about how innovative companies are changing the face of customer service. According to her, the best ways to offer customer support are:

  • In-app help

You can do this by adding relevant support articles or by adding quick call buttons to your apps.

  • Turn reviews into a support channel

Social media is a vital part of every business nowadays. Although most of the time you use it to engage with your customers, you can use it as a support channel as well.

  • Help customers via text messages

These days everyone has a phone; use this to create a unique customer experience. If a customer requests support, you can text them the information needed. For your clients, it’s a lot easier and it gives them more flexibility. This is what they are looking for!

3. Improve company services

A very important condition in reducing customer churn is to offer one of the best services out there. If you do this, clients will be very pleased and they will keep asking for your services.

A good way to improve your company’s services is to study your competition thoroughly and keep track of their service improvements. Once you see improvements worth taking into consideration, you can add them to your products. Combine the benefits of your services and the benefits of your competition. This way you can create a new, improved, product that satisfies a larger group of people and can boost your sales. This is the Blue Ocean Strategy at its best.

4. Research

Research is very important if you want to keep your clients. It can help reduce your costs dramatically because clients' needs can be managed with lower budgets. To do this, you ought to identify the needs of your customers. A good example would be improving your tools and site by using the information gained by customer support from clients. By doing this you will improve customers’experience and will create a lasting relationship.

Another important asset used by the researchers in the data-collecting process is the survey. Companies should plan surveys, and conduct them on a regular basis, because they offer valuable information. There are lots of online survey tools out there. Compare the services they offer, the prices, their reviews and start conducting surveys on a regular basis.


In order to reduce your customer churn, you need to create outstanding services and engage with your clients. To do that, you need to keep track of their particular needs and make personalized offers. Also, very good customer service is vital for a high retention rate.

By constantly adding improvements to your services, you can keep the clients close to your company. You can do that by studying your competition or by conducting surveys. This processes will help you find out more information about your customers’ needs. Once those needs are satisfied, your clients will have no reason to give up on your services.


Paula Hicks is an experienced journalist from Philadelphia. She is passionate about engaging communities to help provide an amazing customer experience. Currently, works as an editor at Help.Plagtracker, you may follow Paula on Twitter @paulaahicks