Online marketing is essential to reaching today’s customers. For service-based businesses, though, getting the word out to clients can be challenging. Customers research online in order to learn more about the services a business offers. If they like what they see, they might want directions, a way to make an appointment, or someone to contact to get more information.

If your service-based business hasn’t evaluated its online presence recently, it might be time to do a quick audit. There are a few basic things your site may be missing that will make a difference in your conversion rate. Here are a few elements every service-based company needs on its website.

Description of Services Offered

It may seem obvious, but some service-based websites fail to provide the very information many visitors seek. Visitors should be able to easily find a list of services you offer, with clear descriptions of each. If you plan to make your pricing transparent, it can help to list that information, as well. Failure to make your services or prices easy to find could send your customers to a competitor.

Directions and Hours

What information do customers want when they visit your website? If customers call you or visit your location, chances are they’ll want to know your business hours. Once they’ve reviewed your services and determined they want to do business with you, they’ll be ready to take action. If you’ve made this information difficult to find or you don’t have it on your site at all, you may lose someone who was ready to buy from you. Your hours and street address should be on your main page and you can also include a Google Map with a marker to your Contact Us page.

Contact Button

Many businesses make the mistake of burying their contact information. Instead, firms should put that information as close to the top of each page as possible. You should also offer multiple ways to make contact, including a phone number and a “contact us” button. Make sure someone in your firm is tasked with responding to any comments you get from the website in a timely manner to avoid missing potential clients. “Our clients can often times be scared to call, so having another method like live chat can make all the difference in capturing leads,” says Juan Reyna, a Texas-based attorney.


Commentary from your happiest customers can make a big difference for those customers who prefer a recommendation. While you’re building your Yelp following, also ask a few of your most loyal customers to write a review about your business for your website. In addition to posting one or two on your main page, also set aside a separate page on your site dedicated solely to testimonials.


Websites can often grow stagnant over time. You can keep your content active by setting up a blog on your site that you update regularly. While this is a great place to announce any exciting news, potential customers will be more interested in tips they can put to use. An HVAC company can use its blog to combine news with tips on how to replace air conditioner filters, for instance. When your blog has useful information, your customers are more likely to be regular visitors to your site.

Social Links

If you’re like many businesses, you’ve likely set up a social media presence that you try to regularly maintain. In addition to your blog, you should also include links to your social media sites on your website. This will help send visitors to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts, where they can follow you to keep up with your business.

About Us

Before deciding to do business with you, customers want to learn more about you. Service-based businesses should have an About Us section that includes photos and brief bios on all of the main players. You can also include a brief history and a statement about your mission. When customers see who you really are behind the scenes, they’re more likely to want to do business with you.

“Dentists who use photography, video, and a unique story on their About Us page are proven to attract new patients,” says Justin Morgan, a marketing coach for dentists.

Service-based businesses should focus on answering questions with the content on their websites. When customers get the information they need, they’re more likely to choose to buy from a business. Many of these changes can be made with the addition of a few sentences or a page element, answering basic customer questions in a matter of minutes.


Dan Steiner is a professional writer, author, and marketing influencer. He is an active mentor in the California startup community, and has helped numerous brands grow over the years. Currently he serves as CEO at Elite Legal Marketing, a law firm marketing agency. Dan's published work has been featured in dozens of media outlets, including Entrepreneur, Inc, HuffingtonPost, GoDaddy, among many others. When he’s not writing or speaking, you can find Dan at the gym, backpacking, or volunteering at his local animal shelter.