At Salesforce, we’re always listening to our customers. We’re on the path to success together, and we know that most businesses face complex challenges.

That’s why we’re focused on making things simpler.

We wanted to make it easier for our customers to get the resources and support they need. I’m excited to tell you about some changes we’ve made to our Success Plans. 

If you’re not familiar with Success Plans, these plans give you access to guidance, support, and training. They’re designed to help you address common challenges that come with implementing new technology, including how to manage change, train your team, and align your organization. Ultimately, Success Plans help you get the most value out of Salesforce.

There’s a Success Plan for every business. The Standard Success Plan, available to every Salesforce customer, provides access to self-guided resources. Premier and Premier+ Plans connect customers to advice from Salesforce experts. We’ve also introduced the Signature Success plan, which gives larger companies personalized service and support. To learn more about the features of all of our Success Plans, check out our comparison grid.

And we’ve made two big changes to Success Plans with our customers’ feedback in mind.

1. It’s easier to access 1-on-1 coaching from Salesforce experts.

Accelerators are 1-on-1 expert consultations designed to address specific questions so you can get more value out of Salesforce right away. These work sessions help you with common challenges, such as setting up governance or choosing an organizational strategy. Over the course of a few hours or weeks, our experts partner with your business and provide prescriptive advice to put you on the right path.

Our customers love Accelerators. They’ve told us 1-on-1 sessions with our experts have helped them improve processes and use Salesforce more effectively. So we wanted to make it easier for more businesses to take advantage of Accelerators.

We’ve expanded access to this well-received program. Accelerators are now included with all Premier, Premier+, and Signature Success Plans. Additionally, points are no longer needed to use Accelerators – your business can simply choose any Accelerator that’s part of your Success Plan.

If you want to learn more about Accelerators and how to get started, check out our webinar.

2. We’ve combined personalized services and support into one plan.

I’m also excited to share that we’ve introduced the Signature Success Plan. This new plan streamlines our personalized service and support programs for large businesses.

Previously, our technical support and expert services for large businesses were offered separately. Our customers wanted a simpler way to access these services, so we combined them into a single plan.

With the Signature Success Plan, your organization gets to partner with a team of experts dedicated to your business. You also get support from a technical team that proactively monitors your Salesforce solution. And we offer personalized training for your business. Check out our Signature Success Plan brochure to learn more.

There’s a Success Plan for everyone.

All of the changes we’ve made to Success Plans were implemented with you in mind. We know you’re working in an increasingly complex environment every day, and getting the support and resources you need shouldn’t be complicated.

Ultimately, Success Plans are designed to help your business overcome challenges and get the most value out of Salesforce. Now every Salesforce customer can get the right guidance, support, and training in a single plan – whether it’s the self-guided Standard Success Plan, access to experts with the Premier and Premier+ Plan, or the personalized service of the Signature Success Plan.

To learn more about the features of all of our Success Plans, check out our guided tour. There’s a Success Plan that’s right for your business – it’s that simple.