This week we announced our Spring ‘17 release, which brings powerful new Einstein features to millions of users. The AI revolution is here, and we’re excited to help businesses of every size become smarter, more productive and more predictive! That’s right: Spring ‘17 helps removes the complexity of AI, and companies like Air France, Seagate, and U.S. Bank are already capitalizing on it. But we’re *particularly* excited about what this release means for SMBs, who often have limited resources and constantly need ways to do more with less. Our new, smarter CRM can help them find, win, and keep more customers, so they can grow their businesses faster than ever. Here’s how:

Win more customers with smarter sales.

For SMBs, gaining new customers is always a priority. With Sales Cloud’s Einstein Opportunity Insights, your sales team can identify and prioritize which opportunities are most likely to close and which are at risk (based on insights on customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and overall prospect engagement). After a customer is signed, Einstein Account Insights help reps stay on top of the business with learnings from the latest related news, M&A activity and company expansion.Throughout the sales process, Einstein Activity Capture connects rep email and calendars to Salesforce, eliminating hours of manual data entry so they can focus on building stronger customer relationships.

Keep more customers with smarter service.

When your customer base is still growing, you can’t afford to lose a single one. Service Cloud Einstein helps you offer smarter, better service and increase satisfaction. Einstein Supervisor combines real-time operational insights with smart data discovery to empower contact center supervisors with real-time intelligence across all of your service channels (phone, email, and social), plus AI-powered analytics to help your team work more productively. In addition to predicting agent availability, queues, wait times, and more, Einstein Supervisor can predict customer satisfaction and make specific recommendations to improve the customer experience. Einstein Case Management and Intelligent Mobile Service are also included in Spring ‘17.

Find more customers with smarter marketing.

Even more than larger companies, SMBs need to make their marketing as efficient as possible. Marketing Cloud Einstein’s new Journey Insights dashboard automatically combs through millions of data points and analyzes them to help you optimize your campaigns. Now even small businesses can use data science to understand which events (and in what order) lead to the most conversions. For example, a small online retailer might uncover that a video advertisement coupled with two display ads increases a customer’s likelihood to complete a transaction by a factor of two. And with Einstein Segmentation, you can uncover new customer targets and reach entirely new segments with more personalized and effective campaigns.

Connect your business and work smarter.

Spring ‘17 also includes Einstein Vision, a set of powerful new APIs that let developers of all skill levels bring image recognition to CRM and build AI-powered apps fast. Small businesses can unlock powerful insights within photos — from detecting inventory levels and product quality to identifying consumer trends and customer preferences. Now, even small businesses can leverage pre-trained image classifiers, or train their own custom classifiers, to handle a vast array of specialized image-recognition use cases.

That’s just a taste of what Spring ‘17 has to offer for small and medium businesses. To learn more about our new release, and what it can do for you, visit