You've probably heard the saying “natural born salesperson,” but even those that possess the unique mix of traits to fall into this category have to start somewhere. The tools, skills, and habits you develop early on in your career lay the foundation for future sales success.

That said, we want to give you a headstart on your path to sales stardom! We've gathered the top 5 tips from our own Futureforce members on what they've learned in their first year in sales.

1) Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call:
“Everyone is going to have some rough first calls,” says Ben Hash, Business Development Representative & former Futureforce Apprentice. “The more you practice, the faster you can develop your own style and gain confidence.”

2) Learn the product you're selling:
While this may seem like a no-brainer, it's the #1 tip from Erin Cohee, Sales Development Representative & former Futureforce Apprentice. “Learn as much as you can about how to use all the Salesforce systems,” she says. A knowledgable salesperson exhibits competence and trust — key traits to ensuring your customer feels confidence in you and the product.

3) Don't forget to leverage your #SalesforceOhana:
This tip is key according to Mélissa Mornand, Futureforce Sales Representative. “By building strong relationships with all your stakeholders, you will feel more comfortable with all your prospects and will do more business in the end.” Aishling Ennis, Sales Development Specialist, echoes that tip. “With such a diverse team there are many opportunities to grow not only your sales skills but also language opportunities and cultural and diversity insights. Don't be afraid to network with your teammates to learn more about their area of interest and their speciality!”

4) Remember That Your Opinion Matters
What makes a true sales star is someone who can take an idea to the next level. Connor Fraser, Salesforce Business Development Representative, encourages you to always push yourself to “go beyond just what you've been told to do.”

5) Embrace the challenges and have FUN!
This tip comes directly from our Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff himself and applies to anyone launching their career. “You have chosen the wrong path if it's not fun, and you're probably not taking enough risk if it's not hard and rocky sometimes.”

Your own sales journey will no-doubt be unique and filled with it's own set of challenges. So embrace the unknown and enjoy the ride!

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