Just how business-friendly is your city? When we conducted the Connected SMB Research Report, we also took a look at what’s hot for small and growing businesses in various cities around the country. As it turns out, our Atlanta results may surprise you.

We asked participants if they thought their city was a good place to start a business, and guess what... A whopping 92% percent of Atlanta respondents believe the ATL fits the bill it’s a solid place to start and run a business — compared to the national average of 75%.

So what is it, Atlanta? What makes your fair city so welcoming for entrepreneurs and emerging businesses — the real estate, the tax structure, the mindset and people power? We looked to the data for answers and found that Atlanta is a tech-forward city. 52% of Atlanta entrepreneurs surveyed believe they could run their businesses from a mobile device (compared to 42% nationwide). 42% of Atlanta entrepreneurs surveyed use the cloud to manage at least some part of their businesses (compared to 38% nationally), while 63% said they trust the cloud for their business applications, processes, and data. Pretty amazing!

But of course there’s still room to grow. When it comes to business process automation, less than half (49%) of Atlanta respondents are taking advantage of these time-saving solutions. Of those that are, automated billing and finance are the most common (69%), followed by customer service (52%) and marketing (43%). And only 21% of Atlanta responders are using business analytics or business intelligence software to measure their results. When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), 61% of respondents said their business is not ready for the cutting-edge technology, citing it as too complex for their needs.

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