Combine over 3,000
 apps in the AppExchange inventory, with seven frequently sales challenges, and you’ve got a math equation that only some of the most app-savvy Salesforce customers can solve. The good news is you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to whiteboard this answer, because we’ve got the results right here, plus even more in the new guide, Sales Apps as Reviewed by Our Customers.

1. Conga Composer

“Previously we manually copied, pasted, and sent Excel sheets to customers. Conga is the one missing piece that got us to scale up.” - Keith Lee

2. Conversica Automated Sales Assistant

“Conversica provides visibility to identify your most successful lead sources and helps get the most out of those you may be struggling with.” - George Phan

3. Cornerstone for Salesforce (LMS)

“Cornerstone is a must-have for training.
It’s incredibly powerful with a simple setup. I’m really impressed with its ease of use.” - Melodie Schwartz

4. Prospector

“Our sales teams love how native Prospector is. They can now prospect for new accounts right from within Salesforce.” Cody Royster

5. Distribution Engine

“I highly recommend Distribution Engine to anybody looking for a lead/case management solution that can grow with their company.”
- Reagan Hoan

6. Drawloop

“Drawloop is intuitive and easy to use. The ability to automate documents and apply logic rules saves time and ensures proper controls.” - Michael Carrier

7. Dynamo

“Dynamo gave us a leap ahead in administrative processes. We gained so much speed that now we focus on more strategic issues.”
- Van Balen

8. Ebsta LinkedIn Integration for Salesforce

“This app makes prospecting so much faster. No more flipping back and forth between windows, then getting distracted.”
- Shane Jamison

9. Geopointe

“Geopointe is a game changer for our sales team, allowing them to visualize their territories and derive actionable insights.” - Anna Wheatley

10. Groove

“Groove makes Salesforce, Gmail, and Google Calendar work like one single app!”
- Arnold Price

11. Hoopla

“Since installing Hoopla — after two hours
of an enjoyable onboarding process — our reps became more productive and engaged.” - Mark Organ

12. Improved Help

“Improved Help made my sales team experts at selling. Now we don’t worry about running Salesforce as help is just a click away.”
- Darren Burleson

13. LeanData

“After refining our internal lead process with LeanData, lead assignment is now one thing I almost never have to worry about.”
- Lily Vlach

14. LevelEleven

“LevelEleven really helped shape our team
to do the right activities. It changed our behavior to growing accounts in our market.” - Scott Vancura

15. LinkPoint Connect

“LinkPoint is very useful and connects contact and email content to Salesforce easily with great sync functions. What a time saver!”- Steve Mills

16. Litmos

“Litmos helped us train hundreds of people each month simply by the click of a button.”
- Charles Brown

17. MapAnything

“MapAnything is amazing. It streamlined our marketer territories for efficiency and gave us a graphical representation of our metrics.” - Don Morton

18. OrgChartPlus

“OrgChartPlus has been tremendous in identifying prospects and opportunities as well as planning sales meetings.” - Marco De Paulis

19. RealZips

“If your company is looking for a better, easier way to grow sales and manage territories, get RealZips.”
- Robert Hutchinson

20. Salespulse

“Salespulse sharpened our approach to sales cycles. It’s an integral learning tool that feeds our continuing improvement to business.” - George Kenessey

21. Yesware

“Yesware is amazing! The setting up is super easy, it works with both Gmail and Outlook, and the integration with Salesforce is great.” - Sutha Parath

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