Customer stories bring technology to life, as they share the value through the eyes of a customer. The Salesforce community includes the partners in our ecosystem, each with their own roster of customers sharing the impact of apps on business processes and results.

Specifically, two partners, Apttus and Intacct, shared customer stories for their apps on camera, as part of the App Mavericks and App Talks series. Below are highlights from those stories, with the full videos alongside.

Dun & Bradstreet Boosts Customer Satisfaction with Apttus Billing Management

Apttus Billing Management integrates enterprise billing with its other quote-to-cash apps, such as CPQ, Contracts, E-Commerce, and more. The Apttus app allows customers to manage many different types of goods, whether physical goods, owned assets, professional services, usage-based services, or recurring services. Apttus Billing Management synchronizes customer information from CRM, assets owned from Apttus Order Management, and issued & scheduled invoices, with cash-application from the ERP, to provide a single book of business view of the customer. The app also provides visibility to the team responsible for orders and renewals, as well as to customers, who can even access this information via an online portal.

One customer that boosted customer success with the app is Dun & Bradstreet, a source of commercial information and insight on businesses. The company implemented the full Quote-to-Cash solution using Apttus, including its billing functionality. Dun & Bradsheet even extended that functionality all the way to its channel partners. Prior to implementing Apttus Billing Management, the company mostly used manual processes for billing, usage rating, and revenue recognition.

After implementation, Dun & Bradstreet suddenly had automated processes, a streamlined interface, and compliance with controls requirements. They’ve also increased customer satisfaction by providing very clear invoices of the usage-based services that they provide.

ModSquad Operationalizes its Entire Business with Intacct Cloud ERP

ModSquad delivers digital engagement services, from customer support, to moderation, to social media strategy, via a distributed network of thousands of moderators around the world. The company faced typical system pains associated with tremendous growth: a lack of commonality among data elements, a ton of manual work, and old accounting systems that didn’t connect to Salesforce.

David Wohlwend, VP Finance and Accounting and ModSquad, helped implement Intacct Cloud ERP and its integration into Salesforce. “Intacct provided a common language between what we sold, what we delivered, what we billed, and what we measured,” he said. “Everything now flows from Salesforce, to Intacct, to our labor claiming system, and back, seamlessly.”

After implementing Intacct Cloud ERP, Wohlwend said it’s now easier to communicate with clients about billing, and to tie back closed opportunities in Salesforce to their contracts. From a people perspective, ModSquad has been able to scale its business rapidly without adding a ton of headcount, and account managers are freed from Excel-intensive processes. They can now focus on analyzing information and solutioning problems, two high-value tasks for the business. “You don’t need a calculator to understand the impact of the Intacct implementation and Salesforce integration,” Wohlwend said. “We’ve achieved instant ROI of 2.5X, not to mention all the other benefits that have come along with it.”

Healthwise Increases Sales 3X with Apttus CPQ and Quote-to-Cash

Apttus CPQ is designed to help sales channels rapidly identify products and pricing and generate accurate, actionable quotes. Apttus CPQ is a native, enterprise-grade solution that incorporates machine learning that provides real-time decision support about cross-sell/upsell, price optimization, and quote scoring.

Healthwise is a global provider of healthcare information, and had multiple, disparate systems in their quote-to-cash process. The company uses Apttus Billing Management to calculate usage processing and handle both recurring payments and revenue recognition, eliminating manual processes and increasing customer satisfaction. The company also implemented Apttus CPQ as part of the full quote-to-cash process, and today have 100% user adoption and have realized a 3X increase in their average sales price.

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