Trust is at the core of everything we do at Marketing Cloud and it continues to be a special focus for us. Marketing Cloud is grounded on the values of system performance, delivering enhancements based on customer feedback, and using the newest technology. Not only will we deliver new technology over the next few releases, Marketing Cloud will also continue to keep the customer at the center of everything we do with massive improvements to our current systems and the overall customer experience. 

In this release, customers can expect to see a new cleaner, unified look and feel in Advertising Studio; customers can manage all of their users in the Mobile App anytime, anywhere; customers will be able to create even smarter SMS messages, and so much more. 

Let’s jump into the highlights:

1, Mobile App User Management: Customers with admin permissions can now unlock user accounts and reset passwords in the iOS Mobile App. Previously, in order to unlock or change a user’s password customers would need to log into a desktop app. Learn more!

2. New Primary Advertising Studio UX: The main Advertising Studio entry page has a cleaner unified look and feel, with all alerts, notifications, and errors centralized under a new system and unused views removed. Learn more!

3. URL Expiration and Redirects is Live: Previously, links in sent emails could expire. This trust feature allows customers to control their brand and ensure links expire within a set timeframe. Learn more!

4. Custom Dashboards - New Metrics (Social Studio Analyze Dashboards): Customers can now customize one of several Dashboard templates or start from a blank slate and have total control. There are now 13 additional metric cards available for use on within dashboards. Learn more!

5. New Reporting Options & Permissions (Pardot, Engagement Studio): Customers now have more control over options for using Engagement Studio, including reporting on bounces and email send status from engagement programs; as well as managing access to Engagement Studio with new permission options. Learn more!

6. New Look for Engage Alerts: Reps can build pipeline and focus on the hottest leads. This new enhancement allows sales reps to view all of their latest alerts at once with a new, more intuitive interface. They can now customize their alerts into side-by-side columns and drill into each alert to view prospect score and engagement history. Learn more!

7. New Pardot User Interface: The new Pardot Style has an updated look and feel, streamlined navigation, and is built to be more consistent with the Lightning Experience. It still provides all of the same Pardot functionality. Learn more!

8. Drag and Drop Code Snippets for Content Builder: Previously, customers could insert Code Snippets while editing HTML. Customers can now drag snippets from the Content tab to their template or email, while in the Layout view of the editor. Learn more!

9. Smart Message Creation for MobileConnect: MobileConnect now lets customers create SMS and MMS messages even easier with our new message editor and preview. We’ve added enhanced guardrails to protect customers from sending unwanted messages. Learn more!

10. Email Activity Hover Statistics for Journey Builder: A new hover pane provides customers with a quick-view of their email performance, right from the Journey Builder canvas. Users can also drill in to see a more detailed view including individual contact information. Learn more!

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