Customer success is central to Salesforce’s culture and business model.  Every year, as part of our commitment to customer listening, we survey thousands of customers to determine how they’re doing on important business metrics. We also ask open-ended questions about why they would recommend Salesforce to their peers. 

Check a few quotes and the infographic below for stats and insights about how Salesforce helps customers sell smarter, provide better service, increase marketing ROI, make better decisions, and build apps faster. 

Are you a current customer? Participate in the 2017 Customer Success Metrics survey. Click here to take the survey by no later than 5 p.m. PT on Friday, May 5th. The final report will be available to all customers to help you understand benchmarks by product, company size, industry, and more.

6 Quotes on Why Customers Would Recommend Salesforce:

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  1. "Coming from the HR services industry, it is so much more flexible and customizable then anything I've used. The support for Admins is amazing. It's fun to work with, and I know I can pretty much answer yes to the question,  'Do you think Salesforce could...?'" 
  2. "We started with Salesforce and moved to a few other companies over the years. Within 3 years we were back with Salesforce and have found that no other providers really compare. Your system is so easy to use, looks nice and flat out just works. I love all the apps and integrations there are to offer."
  3. "Powerful tool and platform to allow better customer management and maximum revenue optimization, as well as increase in operation efficiency. Technology/solution is updated 3 times a year that allows us to have more robust solution to help addressing business challenges."
  4. "Salesforce allows my team and I to use the tools the way we want.  Most other CRM packages are static and do not allow for customization or 3rd party apps.  With the open source platform, I'm able to take advantage of working with apps that provide tools our team can implement and use to make a difference.  We have been able to eliminate the additional time and man power to create routine reports that are generated inside of Salesforce."
  5. "Salesforce is more than a company or product (CRM). Salesforce has created an entire Ecosystem where individuals and companies can forge careers and revenue streams. I can't express how proud I am to be part of the Salesforce culture. The Salesforce corporate values are incredible and inspiring. Finally, as a CRM - there is no better option available and I know Salesforce will continue to innovate not only to maintain market share - but to provide the best service for it's customers."
  6. "I feel that exudes an enthusiasm for its products, which permeates into the user community and I can't help but feel excited to work with the product.  When choosing a new CRM platform at my company, I advocated for because I felt that everything new and exciting all other CRM platforms are doing this year... did it last year.  It seems like a rare treat that sales people, service people, developers, administrators, etc. are ALL exciting and invested into a single platform.  So I am always advocating to people."

​6 Business Impact Statistics (see below infographic)