These days, if your business doesn’t have a website, you just can’t compete. But, there is a lot more to it than just creating a website and hoping people will start visiting and spending money. You actually have to market your website and do whatever it takes to get it noticed. One of the most important things that you need to do is create effective marketing URL’s.

The Importance of Website URL’s

You may be wondering why website URL’s are so important. Well, the URL is your domain name, and it is one of the most important aspects of any website. Without a URL, there would be no traffic going to your website whatsoever. A URL may seem like a simple thing, but it is something that no website can do without. It is the one thing that will direct traffic to your site. If you don’t create the perfect domain name, it could mean the end for your website.

Tips for Creating Effective URL’s

There are several things to consider when trying to come up with a great URL that is going to be effective in drawing more traffic to your website. Here are some tips that can help you create an effective marketing URL for your website.

1. Keep it Simple

Don’t go in for long words. Keep them short and simple. For instance, instead of using “www.repairingyourhair.com”, stick with something like, “www.haircare.com”. It’s short, sweet, and gets directly to the point. When creating your URL, be aware of the keywords that people are using, and use those keywords to create a URL that offers what those people are looking for. Basically, don’t get too fancy, because people don’t like it.

2. Call to Actions

We just touched a bit on a call to action. It is important to use these to direct people to your website URL. But, don’t make the mistake of using the same one for all of your PPC traffic. What works for some traffic may not work for others, so you do need to get creative and come up with a variety of call to actions. You may be this close to getting that sale, but without that extra call to action, you might never get it. For instance, use something like Gadget Salvation did in Sell iPhone URL with a call to action in it.

3. Don’t Waste Your Readers’ Time

When creating your marketing URL, think about the location, its size, and how long your promotion is going to be happening and displayed. Longer marketing URL’s are fine for magazines, but it doesn’t work as well on overhead displays, or on screens that don’t have a lot of display time. Keep this in mind, because the last thing you want to do is upset readers by wasting their time.

4. Describe Page Contents

An effective URL should describe the contents of the web page in just a few words. Readers should be able to figure out what a page is all about just from the URL, and whether or not they want to visit the page. Your URL needs to be enticing, and make them want to see your content. A good example of this is Golden Corral Prices page which has a description of content right in URL.

5. Promote Publications, Not Articles

Rather than using your marketing URL to promote an article, use it to promote a publication or a microsite. This URL can be used for many stories, and you can get a lot of content out there. In order to get people to read your content, have terms such as “view this article and others like it here” or something similar. This is great if you have many stories within one publication.


Jane Hurst is a writer, editor and avid traveler from San Francisco, CA.