Update: Good news! Premier Apps are now available to all customers.  Visit Salesforce Labs and search by name to download and use one of these apps. 


Ever read a book or searched online for tips about how to be more productive? You’ve probably come across some advice like this:

Take a walk. Tackle your most important projects first thing. Focus on completing one key task every day.

Some of these suggestions are helpful. But many just don’t apply to the work you’re doing every day. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution – the key to getting more done depends on what you’re trying to do.

That’s why we developed Premier Apps. These apps, a feature of Premier Success Plans, are designed to help admins be more productive. They’re built and supported by Salesforce, and they help you save time completing specific tasks in Salesforce.

Apps created to help you accomplish more

We designed – and are continuing to improve – Premier Apps based on feedback from our customers. These apps make it easier to:

  • See and use important information about your Salesforce organization

  • Manage Salesforce feature releases

  • Discuss, plan, and reach your business goals

We’ve released seven Premier apps to help admins address specific challenges, right away. Here’s a quick overview of what each can help you do more effectively.  

Tap into Salesforce resources quickly with Premier Primer

Not sure what resources are available through your Premier Success Plan? The Premier Primer app gives you a quick overview and easy access to your Salesforce support information.  

Clean up your org faster with Field Footprint

If you want to clean up fields to improve data quality, try the Field Footprint app. It shows your field usage so you can quickly find and eliminate redundant or underused fields to boost data quality.

Stay ahead of technical issues with Limits Monitor



Want to keep tabs on your limits to avoid running into technical issues? Download the Limits Monitor app to track limits in your Salesforce organization in real time. You can also set up notifications to alert you when you’re approaching your limits.

Manage releases efficiently with Standard Feature Finder


Do you search through lengthy Salesforce release notes to find new features? Standard Feature Finder can help you save time. This apps lets you quickly sort and filter to find features that are relevant to your organization and export a list to your stakeholders.


Take advantage of new features with Standard Feature Manager


Looking for a more organized way to roll out new features to your org? Check out Standard Feature Manager. This tool helps you see your standard feature usage, map features to your business needs, and group them in your org.


Connect your goals to key metrics with Value Mapper





If you have trouble showing the value of your business priorities, the Value Mapper app can help. Use this app to map your goals to specific business drivers, key performance indicators, and Salesforce clouds.




Visualize the path to your goals with Roadmapper








Need help mapping out the next steps to reach your goals? Use the Roadmapper app to create visual roadmaps that help you align business goals, lead organizational changes, and get more out of Salesforce features. This app makes it easier to communicate and achieve your business goals.

Start working smarter, right now

With Premier Apps, you don’t have to change your routine or master new skills to be more productive. Salesforce admins with a Premier Success Plan can download the apps now. Visit the Premier Apps page to learn how to get started.

If you don’t have a Premier Success Plan, check out our website to find out how Premier Success Plans can help you get more out of Salesforce.

We know that Salesforce admins are juggling a lot of responsibilities. We’re continuing to develop new Premier Apps to make your day a little easier and help your company get more out of Salesforce. Keep an eye on the Premier Apps page to find new apps that can help you accomplish a lot more.