As one of the instructors who helped build the new Salesforce Proficiency Pack for Administrators—and the lead instructor dedicated to delivering it—I know firsthand how it can help budding admins from all walks of life prepare for their certification. So what exactly is it? Put simply, it is a blended, prescriptive, expert-led training program that gives you a plan to learn what you need to be an awesome Salesforce Administrator. One to two hours a day of learning across a flexible 30-day schedule can help fast-track you to becoming a Salesforce Certified Administrator.

As a working mom and consultant, I understand how busy days can get and how we can sometimes just get caught up in “life.” If you're struggling to find a full week to schedule an in-person training course, but need to learn what it takes to pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam, then this program has been designed especially for you!

A Salesforce Administrator certification can open so many new doors for you, and that’s why I'm passionate about helping my students get there. Here are four things I love about the new Proficiency Pack:

1. The Varied Learning Tools

We integrate a variety of tools to suit people's different learning styles. Trailhead, e-learning content, and—my personal favorite, of course—plenty of hands-on exercises.

2. You Can Study In Your Own Time

You'll need around one to two hours every day. This could be in the evening or early morning, or maybe even over your weekend—whatever suits you and your lifestyle. This program gives you total flexibility. We've created a handy summary of the full 30-day course, broken down into the main learning objectives for each week. How you consume it is up to you. If you dedicate time every day, you'll be on the path to certified Administrator success in no time.

3. There's a Real-life Instructor On Your Side

Have I mentioned yet how much I really love being there for my students when they need me? We “meet” virtually twice a week: once for a Q&A session, and another time for a review of the material set for that week. These live sessions are available across three different time zones, so you're bound to find one that suits you. And as a bonus, these sessions are recorded, so if you decide to dedicate your weekends to completing the course, you won’t miss out on the Instructor-led sessions. And of course I understand that some questions just can’t wait, so my students can reach out to me anytime—with a question, to share in the excitement of learning something new, or even to celebrate a successful exam!

4. The Administrator exam is FREE

Not all organizations offer to pay for their employees to join a week-long class, or even cover the cost of a certification exam. The Proficiency Pack makes it easier than ever for small businesses, or even individuals themselves, to add the Administrator certification to their portfolio. And yes, you heard right: when you sign up, you will receive a voucher enabling you to sit for your Administrator exam for free!

But don't just take my word for it. Obviously, I have a certain bias as I live and breathe the program, so here's what a few of my new certified admins and students have to say about their Proficiency Pack experience.

“I passed on my first attempt after having only two and a half months of Salesforce experience. I enjoyed the course and the fact that I could catch up if I missed a webex session.” Mike Welch, Salesforce Certified Administrator March 21, 2017

“This good mix of learning techniques—online session, offline content, and labs—made the learning experience more interesting and less overwhelming. I had a good start to my week with the certification. A big THANK YOU!” Gauri Nayak, Salesforce Certified Administrator February 27, 2017

“I really appreciated that the course instructor [side note: yes, it was me!] had extensive Salesforce knowledge and practical experience. Even when we asked you questions about very specific exceptions and details, you provided us with lengthy explanations that made it all clear.” Vanessa Jones, Salesforce Certified Administrator February 28, 2017

“The course was excellent as it took all the admin material and broke it into small pieces that were easy to learn. I loved how organized and structured the curriculum was, and how we were guided through each step.” Jenna Destounis, Salesforce Certified Administrator February 28, 2017

“I am super happy you guys offer something like this. Thank you for taking the time and being so responsive and helpful. This is a life-changing experience for me and my family.” Dusty Grover, active program participant

And I just had to include this one...for obvious reasons...

“Katrin is a fantastic teacher who thoroughly knows the material. Her lively style kept me engaged in the evening sessions, and I really appreciated her quick and thorough answers to every question. Importantly, she provided many helpful tips for remembering important details that appeared on the Admin exam, and in my everyday work." Angela Stanert, Salesforce Certified Administrator March 3, 2017

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join me on the path to becoming Administrator certified. There's a Salesforce Proficiency Pack for Administrators starting every two weeks, so jump on one soon. I look forward to seeing you there!

If you want to experience for yourself how the Salesforce Proficiency Pack for Administrators can help you on your way to becoming Salesforce certified, join Katrin on the next available program. Register for your place today.