Trailblazers achieve new milestones - 10 million challenges completed and 2.5 million badges earned

With Trailhead, Salesforce is democratizing education and empowering anyone to skill-up for the top jobs of today and of tomorrow. There's certainly high demand for Salesforce-skilled employees in the marketplace. In fact, according to Burning Glass, a job market analytics firm, there are more than 300,000 job postings asking directly for Salesforce skills today. And we’re proud to say Trailhead is enabling anyone, anywhere, at anytime, to learn the technologies necessary to land their dream jobs, all for free. All you need is an Internet connection, the desire to learn, and a healthy love of having fun.

Trailblazers are Completing Trails & Achieving Milestones

Our growing community of Trailblazers has demonstrated just how eager they are to learn and transform their careers. Since launching in 2014, Trailblazers have earned 2.5 million badges and completed 10 million challenges! And they are learning everything from the latest AI and mobile innovations to soft skills like management tactics and presentation training that can be beneficial on any career path. Plus all of these skills are in demand. In fact, according to Indeed, two out of the top 10 best jobs of 2017 are within the Salesforce Ecosystem--Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer.

New Trailhead Favorites — Learn Salesforce By Heart

Some of the most popular trails we have are fast and focused, allowing anyone to learn in their spare time, and today we're making that even easier with Trailhead Favorites. With Favorites, Trailblazers can tag content they are interested in revisiting so they can quickly refer to it any time, right from inside their profile.

Take Damian O'Farrill for example, a Trailblazer who transformed his career from a salsa dance instructor to a certified Salesforce Administrator. While Damian works full time as the Salesforce Global Sales Operations & Marketing Automation Lead at Autodesk, he is constantly looking to build out his skillset. When he can find twenty minutes, Damian is focused on learning Lightning on Trailhead. By being able to favorite Lightning modules, he has a friendly reminder right on his profile in the favorites tab of what to focus his continued learning on.

Introducing New Trailhead Tracker — A Culture of Learning From Day One

The lack of skilled talent is one of the most critical issues facing businesses today. Technology is innovating so rapidly that it’s difficult to find, recruit, and keep employees with the right skills. That is why we are so excited to introduce the new Trailhead Tracker app. At its core, Trailhead Tracker is a reporting app, connected directly to Salesforce, that allows companies to track their employees’ Trailhead activity.  Trailhead Tracker also puts a priority on learning from an employee’s first day at a company and transforms the onboarding experience. Managers can easily assign trails to new employees, ensuring they have the right skills they need to succeed.

Trailhead Tracker keeps learning fun and gamified at every stage of an employee's career journey. As employees reach milestones and earn badges, they can see where they rank against their peers. A friendly spirit of competition pushes employees to learn, facilitates a culture of learning and guarantees that they are adding new skills throughout their careers.

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Blaze Your Trail Into The Future Today

New Trailhead Favorites and Trailhead Tracker are helping Trailblazers prioritize learning at home and at work. Trailhead Favorites and Trailhead Tracker are both live today. Visit the Salesforce AppExchange to download Trailhead Tracker. Have you started your learning journey? Help us reach our next milestone of 3 million badges by visiting and earn your first or 100th badge today!