With summer arriving, it’s natural to want to find the hottest beaches, restaurants with outdoor seating, and AppExchange apps to install into your Salesforce org. Fortunately, we’ve got 12 apps sure to leave you and your Salesforce users sizzling. Read on for our list of 12 breakthrough apps you should check out today.

Talkdesk for Salesforce

Released: 4/14/2016

What it does: Talkdesk for Salesforce provides all the benefits of enterprise call center software without the complexity. Build a complete contact center within Service and Sales Cloud to deliver support anywhere — from the beach to the backyard — with Talkdesk’s omnichannel contact center, empowering your agents to deliver excellent customer interactions.

What customers say:

  • “Talkdesk is the best. My whole team loves it and integration was very simple. 5 stars …”

  • “Talkdesk itself is a brilliantly simple platform to use. From usability to administration to reporting it has it all at the click of a few buttons.”

Full Circle Matchmaker

Released: 2/2/2017

What it does: Full Circle Matchmaker is an intelligent and flexible lead-to-account matching solution with built-in customizations and smart workflows for automated lead matching, routing, and conversion. The app enables sales and marketing teams to intelligently engage prospects as they heat up with full account context, and to more accurately report on Account Based Marketing impact.

What customers say:

  • “Critical component of our ABM strategy...allowed us to match new leads to existing accounts and automate lead distribution to account owners in real time.”

  • “Our sales team saves countless hours per week and our marketing efforts can be hyper-focused on individual accounts.”

Salespulse by Questback

Released: 12/12/2016

What it does: Salespulse helps your sales team understand their customers’ buying experience  with pulse surveys and increases the performance of your sales team. Salespulse is a native app that makes reporting on the customers’ buying experience as easy as soaking up the summer sun with automated surveys that provide real-time insights for your sales teams and sales management.

What customers say:

  • “A simple way to finally get feedback on sales meetings...has sharpened how we approach our sales cycle and has become an integral learning tool that feeds our continual improvement approach to business.”

  • “Our sales reps focused instantly more on their execution and preparation once they knew that the customer was going to give them feedback. Now sales reps also see that the feedback has helped them to move deals forward faster and better align with what the customers are thinking and expecting.”

CodeScan by VillageChief

Released: 7/5/2015

What it does: CodeScan is a code quality plugin, written exclusively for Salesforce code, that measures quality, helps identify bugs, allows custom rules, and increases maintainability to reduce the total cost of ownership of your Salesforce org. The plugin reduces technical debt and complexity and offers instant, unbiased insights via dashboards, applying best practice coding rules and metrics, saving you time to go play that next game of beach volleyball.

What customers say:

  • “Codescan is also helping us save time on code reviews as our dev leads don't need to check for obvious syntax errors and [can] focus on the functionality”

  • “In addition to conventional scanning, CodeScan also offers a more Salesforce-y approach. The plugin can pull the source directly from the org for analysis, so you don't have to have Git in play. You can also analyze the code, run Apex tests, and commit the changes to Git all at once.”

Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing for Salesforce

Released: 8/5/2015

What it does: Egnyte for Salesforce helps teams securely access and easily share files and folders stored in  Egnyte Connect. Avoid time-consuming document searches across apps, and share content directly from Salesforce with non-Salesforce users. With Egnyte Connect, users can easily find the right documents without leaving Salesforce. The integration increases collaboration, responsiveness, and high fives, while also streamlining operations and facilitating more meaningful customer engagements to help sales and support teams on the web or mobile devices.

What customers say:

  • “The Egnyte for Salesforce App Integration has been a game changer...our users have experienced increased efficiency and enhanced collaboration with other team members.”

  • “Egnyte is definitely our go-to place for needed documents and information at the office and on the go. We love the ease of updating a document on the web.”

MapAnything Live

Released: 11/23/2016

What it does: MapAnything Live enables Internet of Things (IoT) workflows inside Salesforce with maps, real-time vehicle telematics, vehicle and asset tracking, and business process automation. MapAnything Live, an add-on to MapAnything, helps track and record vehicle telematics data in Salesforce to streamline operations, boost productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, ensure safety and compliance, and navigate you to the nearest sunny destination.

What customers say:

  • “MapAnything [Live] is a must have. We are now gaining insights that we couldn’t before…”

  • “MapAnything [Live] is a fantastic platform for live tracking assets and personnel.”

  • “MapAnything Live saves us significant expenses in labor costs by turbo-charging productivity, and reduces our overall risk exposure.”

TeamViewer App for Service Cloud

Released: 9/28/2016

What it does: With TeamViewer, easily create service cases and provide remote support directly from your back deck, and from Salesforce cases inside Service Cloud. Create and join a support session, remotely control the customer’s device, and share session information via Chatter inside this Lightning Ready app. Your customers will benefit from faster response times across all operating systems.

What customers say:

  • “Customer Relations Managers love the control for its reliability and execution ability, and customers recognize its intuitiveness.”

  • “This ability to support customers faster, more efficiently, and professionally in the case of escalation via TeamViewer also naturally improves our quota of successful remote support.”

SpringML Predictive Analytics

Released: 1/11/2017

What it does: SpringML’s predictive analytics app helps organizations improve sales forecasting, manage opportunities, and grow targets through real-time dashboards embedded within Salesforce, empowering sales leaders to access relevant KPIs and take immediate action. SpringML uses machine learning and advanced analytics to automate manual, error-prone processes to improve the productivity of your sales team, making your sales process easier than that sun tea recipe.

What customers say:

“SpringML helps our sales organization run more effectively. Their productive algorithms provide us the insights to monitor our progress and see if our tweaks to sales programs, discounts, and compensation are working. Their algorithms integrate seamlessly with the rest of our sales analytics dashboards, allowing us to compare our internal numbers with their forecasts.”

Check-fleet: Fleet Telematics for Field Service by GPS Dashboard

Released: 2/7/2017

What it does: Check-fleet allows for GPS vehicle tracking in real time, resulting in improved productivity and driver behavior. Powered by Geotab, which has over 700,000 vehicles in service worldwide, the app provides for geofencing, exception alerts, and remote vehicle diagnostics, integrating fleet telematics all within Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service Lightning, improving customer service, driver safety, and vehicle maintenance, all while reducing overall costs.

Other features:

  • Auto work order status update on arrival at jobsite

  • Productivity reports:  Drive time vs. on-site time reports

  • Driver scorecard and safety reports : speeding, harsh braking/acceleration, hard cornering, and more

  • Real-time alerts and notification on rules-based exceptions

  • Time card verification

  • Fuel card integration to verify fuel usage

Charge eCommerce by Fonteva

Released: 8/29/2016

What it does: Bring ecommerce and full revenue accounting to Salesforce in one package, help customers manage multiple business units, create an eStore to sell anything (even sunscreen), and handle all revenue accounting needs. With Charge eCommerce, manage multiple business units in one solution, present your customers with different products and pricing based on their CRM profile via a built-in eStore, and manage debits, credits, and refunds right in Salesforce.

What customers say:

  • The best app to establish groups for divisions, branches or local affiliates with group-specific pricing, branding, general ledger codes or payment gateways.”

  • “Charge [eCommerce] makes you successful at ecommerce in no time.”

Email Integration - Sync Outlook, Exchange, Gmail & Office 365 by Komiko

Released: 7/11/2016

What it does: Email Integration by Komiko synchronizes email, attachments, and calendar events. It also creates contacts, and automatically associates synced data to accounts and opportunities in Salesforce. You won’t need to change the way your team is using Salesforce or email, and Email Integration puts an end to nudging the sales team to feed Salesforce with customer conversations, documents, contact frequency, and more. Start syncing and go swimming.

What customers say:

  • “A total game changer. Before Komiko we depended on reps to log calls, events, and tasks. After implementing Komiko, this rich data is ingested into Salesforce with ease.”

  • “A truly fantastic product that has solved all of our issues with failing to capture Exchange data. It works great across all platforms. Customer service is stellar!”

Conga Contracts

Released: 4/19/2017

What it does: Conga Contracts streamlines and accelerates contract negotiations so you can close deals (and enjoy that summer adventure) faster, all without leaving Salesforce. Improve efficiency, empower sales, and increase insight with features such as:

  • Clause management,

  • Easy sync of contract changes back into Salesforce, and

  • Analytics that show which clauses get changed most and where contracts stall

  • Seamless integration into Salesforce CPQ, Conga Composer, and eSignature apps.

What customers say:

  • “With the implementation of Conga Contracts our legal team can overcome the tedious nature of relying solely on dated technologies like Word and email.”

  • “Managing the lifecycle of sales-generated documents has seriously never been easier, and with all the native functionality built directly into Salesforce we were able to hit the ground running with our installation.”

Make sure your summer is as good as it can be with these apps and more on AppExchange.