The rise of sales operations has established a new breed of Salesforce Admin. Their charge: implement data-driven sales KPIs, processes, and culture by synthesizing sales technology with the sales organization’s overall strategy and key initiatives.

The role of Salesforce administrator varies depending on the organization. For larger sales organizations with more resources, that role falls to full-time Systems Admins or Sales Operations specialists. In younger, leaner organizations, Salesforce admins are often VPs and managers who pull double-duty as they build out the sales team’s infrastructure.

During Aligned 2017 - a free virtual summit on B2B sales and marketing alignment - we shared high-level strategy overviews from 10 Salesforce Admins who deployed creative Salesforce analytics and reporting strategies to drive their organization. The event included valuable stories and tips from people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Max Altschuler, and Jill Konrath.

10 Salesforce Admin Success Stories

Best practices for building Salesforce Dashboards and Reports that fit the needs of your company have been covered comprehensively.

Here are 10 stories of Salesforce Admin using new and innovative ways to visualize, analyze and broadly leverage Salesforce analytics to drive company revenue growth.

Salesforce Admin #1. How Adam Harless Creates Compelling Sales Analytics

Role: Sales Operations Lead at Prezi.

Growth: B2B sales team grew from 3 to 10 reps in 2016 - on pace to reach 30 reps in 2017.

Tools:  SalesforcePardotPreziTalkdeskGrooveTableauAmbitionInsight Squared.

Keys to Success:  1. Streamline processes. 2. Adopt user-friendly technology. 3. Focus on key metrics.

Salesforce Admin #2. How Andrew Lockwood Syncs 2 Systems on 1 Dashboard

Role: Sr. Manager Analytics & Solutions Design at Kenco Group.

Growth: 45% increase in monthly bottom-line margin during January 2017.

Tools: MercuryGate. Salesforce. Ambition.

Keys to Success: 1. Ensure data accuracy, first. 2. Use recognition strategies drawn from social media.

Salesforce Admin #3. How Will Clarke Auto-Enriches Salesforce Data

Role: Revenue Operations at HelloSign.

Growth: Surpassed $10M ARR in 2016 with only 8 sales reps.

Tools: Salesforce. Marketo. HelloSign. Clearbit. Atlassian. Yesware. Outreach.

Keys to Success: 1. Focus on prioritizing what to fix first. 2. Get sales incentives in line ASAP.

Salesforce Admin #4. How Drew Woodcock Unifies His Front Office via KPIs.

Role: Vice-President, Sales at ChowNow.

Growth: Grew sales team headcount from 7 to 40 and annual recurring revenue from $250K to $11M.

Tools: Salesforce. Marketo. Yesware. ClearSlide. Lessonly. Ambition.

Keys to Success: 1. Incentivize key sales activities. 2. Broadcast live Salesforce analytics for each rep.

Salesforce Admin #5. How Trent Roberts Improved an Inc. 5000 Sales Process

Role: Vice-President of Strategy & Administration at Fitzmark.

Growth: Increased 2017 margins by 3% and became back-to-back Inc. Fastest-Growing Company.

Tools: Salesforce. 3CX. Ambition.

Keys to Success: 1. Track, display and incentivize key performance metrics from all systems on one dashboard. 2.Create custom goals for business development, account management and operations.

Salesforce Admin #6. How Alex Lynn Gets Accurate Salesforce Activity Reports

Role: Sales Development Manager at Outreach.

Growth: How Outreach Grew From 0 to 2,000 Customers in 16 Months

Tools: Salesforce. Outreach. Marketo. ZoomInfo. Node. LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Ambition. Rapportive.

Keys to Success: 1. Make sales managers accountable for rep success. 2. Emphasize team culture. 3. Keep reps in their lanes by publicizing live Salesforce dashboards, TVs and leaderboards.

Salesforce Admin #7. How Jeff Kirchick Triggers Live Salesforce Reports

Role: Vice-President of Enterprise Sales at Next Caller.

Growth: 40% monthly revenue growth over 16 consecutive months.

Tools: Salesforce. Next Caller. Slack. Ambition. Troops.

Keys to Success: 1. Route key Salesforce data to public channels, such as office TVs and team chat. 2. Keep a narrow focus on targeting and activity.

Salesforce Admin #8. How Thomas Watanapun Enforces Salesforce Processes

Role: Sales Director at ZeroCater.

Growth: West Coast sales team headcount grew 15% since December 2016.

Tools: Slack. Ambition. Salesforce. Yesware. LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Keys to Success: 1. Everything Salesforce data accuracy - before you do anything else. 2. Publicize metrics to ensure proper activity logging, stage updates, and so forth.

Salesforce Admin #9. How Jared Moore Runs SPIFs with Live Salesforce KPIs

Role: Vice-President at AMX Logistics.

Growth: Grew annual revenue from $0-$25M over 4 years.

Tools: HubSpot. Salesforce. McLeod. Ambition.

Keys to Success: 1. Broadcast real-time Salesforce metrics across all departments and offices. 2. Combine visibility with effective SPIFs to foster a competitive culture that drives revenue.

Salesforce Admin #10. How Morgan Ingram Applies ABM to Salesforce

Role: Sales Development Manager at Terminus.

Growth: 600% revenue growth and 300% client growth since May 2016.

Tools: Salesforce. Terminus. Pardot. Vidyard.

Keys to Success: 1. Use Salesforce data to run account based sales development targeting 5-6 prospects per account. 2. Automate data enrichment, intelligence, and updates inside Salesforce.

50 Free Videos for Salesforce Admin and Operators

Salesforce admin, managers, and operations leaders are the prime beneficiaries of Aligned 2017. Click here to watch the full-length video sessions above, along with 40 more presentations from the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Jill Rowley, and Jamie Shanks. 

Follow the lead of these SFDC admins and harness the full power of your Salesforce analytics in 2017.


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