As we all try to juggle the many commitments in our lives — work, family, friends, health — sometimes it's hard to take time out to focus on our well-being. Arbonne International is a global health and beauty product company dedicated to helping us keep our body and mind healthy.

Arbonne International's skincare, makeup, and nutrition products are are crafted with premium botanical ingredients and sold globally through the company's growing network of independent consultants. More than 250,000 independent consultants across seven countries sell directly to consumers through personalized marketing.

However, managing this large number of consultants has been challenging. Previously, consultants used to up seven various websites and systems to manage their client, product and order information - this could include frequently asked questions to ramp up new consultants, or how to respond to delivery and payment questions from customers. To scale, the company needed to provide a centralized location for consultants to manage information regarding product details, order and delivery status and payment issues.

To solve for this, Arbonne first used Salesforce Community Cloud Einstein to create a personalized, intelligent online community that enabled independent consultants to quickly learn and immerse themselves in product details, sales processes and company culture. Now, in an effort to further support their consultants' success, as well as enhance the customer experience, Arbonne is expanding its use of Salesforce to include Einstein Analytics.


With Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery, more than 250,000 Arbonne Independent Consultants will get personalized customer recommendations at their fingertips


With Einstein Analytics, Arbonne will now be able to provide independent consultants with a new app that gives them recommendations on which clients to reach out to and what products they are most likely to purchase, all based on machine learning of customer behavior. With this new access to customer intelligence, consultants are empowered to increase their sales and productivity, as well as ensure they are providing the most relevant, personalized experiences for their clientele. Knowing when to reach out and what products to offer makes for a more productive interaction and a seamless customer experience.

"The Arbonne family is made up of tens of thousands of individuals working to make their dreams come true, and we're committed to ensuring our global network of consultants have the resources they need to share our groundbreaking products with customers,” said Guy Thier, CIO, Arbonne. “By investing in Einstein Analytics, our more than 250,000 global independent consultants are benefiting from advanced analytical power at the individual level. This empowers our consultants to make skincare, cosmetics and nutrition product recommendations that are unique to each customer's needs.”

For too long, machine learning and AI have traditionally been the domain of elite data scientists. Now, we are bringing the power of data science to every CRM user. By using Einstein Analytics to surface actionable recommendations, Arbonne's independent consultants will have intelligent customer insights in one click that provide a roadmap on how best to increase sales and navigate a customer relationship.

With Einstein Analytics, busy consultants are better positioned to make every minute count as they build their business, and customers are able to get tailored product recommendations when they need them. With the amount of customer data growing exponentially every day, the opportunity for Arbonne independent consultants to take a more data-driven approach to connecting with their customers is limitless.