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If you are trying to promote your business, or anything else, you really need to use email. But first, you need to have a list of people to send emails out to. So, you need to find ways to grow your email list and find people in your target market who will want to receive your emails. There are many ways that you can get creative about growing your list. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Take Advantage of Your Homepage

You should be putting your best offer right on your homepage and show visitors how they can benefit by being an email subscriber. Focus on the opt-in box. The links can be to other areas of the site, and beneath the fold. Readers won’t be bombarded with anything, and they won’t see the links unless they are scrolling down the page. You can go online to get free marketing templates to use so you can create links people want to click on.

2. Use a Feature Box

If you do not already have a custom homepage, or you aren’t able to redesign the page you have at the moment, you should consider using a feature box. This basically trades the lead magnet for new addresses. You place the feature box over the fold of the page, so visitors see it right away. This is different from a popup, because it won’t interrupt what visitors are looking at.

3. Have a Scroll-Triggered Box

Another opt-in box that isn’t invasive or annoying is a scroll-triggered box. This will not cover any content, so it won’t block anything people are trying to read. You can place the scroll box at the corner of the page and it will be seen when readers scroll to certain areas.

4. Referral Programs

More than 50 percent of people tend to give referrals if they are offered a good incentive to do so, such as access to exclusive programs, recognition on social networks, etc. Using a referral program is a great way to boost your marketing. Basically, you are going to offer people to share your lead magnets, content, etc. with their friends. This can quickly turn your fans into people who also advocate for your brand.

5. Create Different Types of Subscriptions

Everyone wants something different, and you need to try and cater to their wants and needs. One generic email just isn’t going to cut it. You need to target your content directly to each subscriber. If they see that there is something of interest to them in particular, they will be more likely to open your email and see what you have to offer, and it will increase the possibility of them becoming subscribers.

6. Promote Offers on Facebook

Use Facebook to promote offers that require people to submit their email addresses. You can promote your offers right on your timeline, so they are visible to anyone who is on your friends list. Make sure that you include social sharing buttons to your landing pages, as well as your thank-you pages. This will give people further encouragement to share your offers with others who they think might be interested.

7. Link to Offers on Your Website

People don’t like to spend a lot of time searching for subscription options, so don’t make them. Make sure that your offers are highly visible, and also make sure that you include a call to action with each offer. In fact, have a call to action on each page of your website, or at least on the homepage, the main blog page, the “About Us” page, and the “Contact Us” page.


Jane Hurst is a writer, editor and avid traveler from San Francisco