Salesforce recently conducted a survey among small business owners to determine how well they use technology, and the Dallas results are in! The Big D is known for its hospitality — but it appears the locals haven’t quite warmed up where technology’s concerned. Let’s take a look.

Of the Dallas small businesses we surveyed, most still use antiquated methods like email (52%) or spreadsheets (59%) to track and store their valuable customer data — while 21% use a written ledger. Whoa! Similar numbers for sales: 50% use email to track leads, opportunities, and pipeline, while 23% use spreadsheets and 16% use a written ledger. Only 6% of these Dallas small businesses use a cloud-based CRM tool.

When it comes to marketing, Dallas has social fever. A huge 61% of these small businesses are using social media marketing (such as Facebook and YouTube ads), while 42% rely on email marketing to drive leads. 34% prefer print advertising, and 26% use direct mail.

Yet small businesses in Dallas prefer to do things old-school when it comes to customer service, relying on that old fashioned, always-in-style Texas charm. A whopping 67% say they choose to handle any customer issues via direct emails with the customer, while 59% use direct phone calls. Again just 6% use a cloud-based CRM tool to help their customers.

Interestingly, 65% of these owners say they do have trust in cloud technologies, and 42% are using technology to automate business processes. But only 26% are using an analytics or business intelligence tool to measure results. 62% of businesses are mobile-enabled, but only 39% of owners feel they could run their companies via a mobile device.


These numbers tell us there’s a major opportunity for small businesses in Dallas to surge ahead of their competition by adopting the new technologies made possible by the cloud. These tools help you save time and money, while boosting positive results in sales, marketing, and customer service.

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