Over the last two years, we've spent a lot of time talking with developers and business leaders about their Salesforce app dev requirements. The verdict was in. As the pace of business has accelerated, so too has pressure on IT organizations and developers to keep up. A new set of key requirements has emerged, including an increased need for team collaboration, support for open source tools, and more sophisticated dependency and change management.

So we set out to build Salesforce DX — an entirely new way to develop on the Salesforce Platform. We announced our Dev Preview at Dreamforce 2016 and our invite-only Pilot earlier this year. Today, I'm thrilled to announce the launch of an open beta for Salesforce DX - now any developer can activate Dev Hub to make changes in their production environment.

Our Commitment: Build Together and Deliver Continuously

At Dreamforce we made a commitment to our developers, and to our customers and partners, to build a developer experience (DX) that was easy, open, integrated and collaborative so that developers could build together and deliver continuously. With the Salesforce DX Open Beta we are doing that by:

  • Enabling 3rd party tools, such as Jenkins, Git, Selenium, your favorite text editors, and more
  • Organizing around team collaboration, code modularization and flexible packaging
  • Leveraging the new Salesforce CLI to access our APIs in easier to use bundles
  • Releasing Scratch Orgs, new ephemeral environments that are built from source code, quickly created and disposable

All of Salesforce DX is enterprise-ready out of the box.

Become a Salesforce DX Trailblazer

To help you become a Salesforce DX expert we've launched a new trail, Get Started with Salesforce DX. Curious about modern version control systems? Check out the module from our partner, Github: Git and GitHub Basics.

Get Started with Salesforce DX

We are so excited to share the modernized Salesforce developer experience with you. So, to join the Salesforce DX Open Beta we've made getting started easy - simply enable Dev Hub in your production or business org.

Enable the Salesforce DX Open Beta

Get Started: https://developer.salesforce.com/platform/dx
Learn more: https://www.salesforce.com/products/platform/products/salesforce-dx/