You’ve launched a slick website created by a top design team. Your SEO team has you near the top for organic search results, and an aggressive pay-per-click campaign is costing you a small fortune. Yet, the leads and sales are just not coming like you expected.

Sound familiar? Cracking the website conversion conundrum isn’t an uncommon problem. Then again, there isn’t a universal fix that’ll make it go away.

There are many reasons users may be leaving your site without leaving info or purchasing aside from price. Maybe they’re just beginning the discovery phase? Maybe you sell something different from what they first thought? Or maybe they crave more caffeine? But if the timing and pricing is right, you can’t let them go.

You’ve Entered ... the CRO Zone

Conversion rate optimization ensures you’re capturing your traffic, but only if you understand user habits. Text or visual content? Orange or blue? And where to put that call to action?

A/B testing helps shine a light on all these questions and is a method everyone should take a hard look at. Only 52 percent of companies and agencies surveyed by MarketingSherpa claim to test their landing pages to make sure they’re converting as many users as possible.

You’ll achieve the best results from an integrated campaign by one agency or an internal department. Short of that, here are some online tools you can use to not only test your site, but also to track your users in real time:

Lucky Orange: This web app records the actions your users take while on your site. It lets you see exactly how they’re interacting with your landing pages, ads, and CTAs. It also provides heat maps and click maps that show you where your users concentrate their time, allowing you to see where the conversion paths break down.

Visual Website Optimizer: VWO is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient split-testing tool. As a resource, VWO analyzes your hypotheses to quantify which version of your site will generate more revenue.

Google Analytics: Better known for tracking users as they move through and interact with your site, it also has customizable features such as data filters and scroll and link-click tracking that let you maximize effectiveness.

There’s not one cure to solve whatever ails your CRO, nor is there one piece of tech to that can boost those numbers all by itself. The key is to determine what’s causing the issues, identify the best course of action, and track progress.

Do you have one that you love or can’t live without? Share it in the comments!


As Revana Digital’s managing director, Jorge Chediak focuses on delivering digital performance marketing, strategic insights, and measurable results driven by predictive data analytics. He has more than 20 years of operational leadership experience working for digital media icons including MRM/IPG Emerging Media Lab, Cohn & Wolfe, Walt Disney Internet Group, and Warner Bros.