TrailheaDX ’17, the much-anticipated Salesforce developer conference, has proved to be one the most exciting events in tech. Over the course of two days, thousands of developers and admins gathered in San Francisco to celebrate their success as trailblazers, share inspiration, and learn first-hand about Salesforce’s next wave of innovation.

One of the highlights of this year’s TrailheaDX was the keynote, with a stellar lineup of speakers and live demos of Salesforce Einstein AI platform. Couldn’t make it to the keynote? Don’t worry. Check out your recap here, and get ready to be amazed.

 1. Equality is the Engine of Innovation

Parker Harris, Salesforce Co-Founder and CTO, opened the keynote and emphasized the importance of equality in driving Salesforce's innovation. At Salesforce, from customers to employees, we aim to treat everyone equally and make our technologies available to as many people as possible. We believe that supporting underrepresented communities will ultimately drive more innovation and make the world a better place.  

Parker recalled that’s why when Salesforce first started, he and Marc Benioff decided to create a1-1-1 philanthropic model: To give 1% of our time, 1% of our product, and 1% of our equity back to the community.

Over the past 18 years, Salesforce has donated 160 million dollars to nonprofits. At TrailheaDX ’17, for every badge developers earned, Salesforce will donate $10 to the Sierra Club, the nation’s largest grassroots environmental organization.

2. Trailhead is Your Path into “The Salesforce Economy”

TrailheaDX is a party for trailblazers to learn, network, have fun and give back. The three-year-old Trailhead community now has over 4 million developers, who sparked this amazing “Trailblazing Movement.” Developers can personalize their learning experiences on Trailhead, challenge themselves to earn badges, and beef up their skills both in tech and business.

This momentum has created “The Salesforce Economy.” IDC has predicted that by 2020, Salesforce will have an almost 4-billion-dollar impact on the economy, creating over 1.9 million jobs. 

3. Artificial Intelligence Empowers You to Build for The Age of Customer

Today, customers are on their mobile phones 24/7 and every aspect of their lives are digitally connected. The advance of technology has dramatically changed customer behavior. People are expecting smarter and more personalized experiences at every touchpoint. Welcome to the Age of Customer.

So how could developers stay ahead of the curve and deliver the best customer experience at all times in this day and age? Artificial Intelligence is the answer, said Alex Dayon, Salesforce President and CPO. We launched Einstein Platform at Dreamforce last year, and now it’s time to put it in action.

4. Build Smarter Apps Customers Love with Einstein Platform Services

You don’t have to be a data scientist to use AI in your app. With Einstein Platform Services, everyone could be a data scientist.

Leah McGowen-Hare, Salesforce Director of Tech & Products, introduced Einstein Sentiment, Einstein Intent and Einstein Discovery to the audience with a series of live demos. Einstein can help developers classify language and images using pre-trained models, which will help automate 1-to-1 customer service. Developers can also detect themes and patterns in their data using Einstein Discovery, and integrate the analytics easily in their apps using Einstein analytics SDK. With the new AI platform, every developer is empowered to build smarter apps people love. 

Leah also introduced Salesforce DX Open Beta, which allows developers to build apps together with continuous delivery. Check out this blog post for a detailed feature breakdown of Salesforce DX Open Beta.

5. Build Connected Customer Experience with Salesforce DMP

Building apps is hard, but that’s just the first step. In today’s development world, adoption is the real game. Sarah Franklin, Salesforce SVP of Dev Relations and GM of Trailhead introduced Salesforce Platform Events and Salesforce Data Management Platform, which could help developers increase customer engagement and create personalized customer experience.

Want to watch the rest of the keynote and experience the excitement at TrailheaDX ’17 now? Check out this video for more!