We’re excited to announce that Salesforce and the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) have formally agreed to rename the Transbay Transit Center the Salesforce Transit Center. Scheduled to open in Spring 2018, the Salesforce Transit Center is a visionary transportation project topped with a rooftop park that will be named Salesforce Park and be available for the entire community to enjoy. Located adjacent to Salesforce Tower and just across the street from Salesforce East and Salesforce West, this state-of-the-art transportation hub — the "Grand Central Station of the West" — will connect 8 Bay Area counties and the state of California through 11 transportation systems, including the future high speed rail from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

This is a step in an exciting journey for us. Salesforce was founded in 1999 right here in San Francisco and over the past 18 years, we’ve grown from a startup working out of an apartment on Telegraph Hill to the city's largest tech employer. From the beginning, we’ve made a commitment to do our part to make this amazing city a better place for all its citizens. Salesforce Transit Center and Salesforce Park are part of that commitment.

Designed by award-winning Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, both Salesforce Transit Center and Salesforce Park are destined to be iconic landmarks in San Francisco. As our HQ campus has grown, we've seen the surrounding area become the new vibrant center of San Francisco, as development continues to surge and Salesforce Transit Center nears completion. Just as Salesforce Tower will forever transform San Francisco’s skyline, Salesforce Transit Center and Salesforce Park will forever transform the city’s landscape.

Rendering by Pelli Clark Pelli, courtesy of the TJPA

Salesforce Park will be an amazing addition to the city, complete with a beautiful 5.4-acre rooftop public park that will feature an outdoor amphitheater, open grass areas, a children's play space, a cafe and a restaurant. Salesforce Park will offer the local community and visitors an open space to enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

At Salesforce, real estate is more than architecture and design. It’s about creating a “home” that serves as an integral part of the community and is open to the entire Salesforce Ohana. Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family, and for us, it includes our employees, customers, partners and the community. In that spirit, we have exciting plans for the top floor of Salesforce Tower—which will be called the “Ohana floor."

Rather than have the top floor set aside for executive offices, we will open up this beautiful space with stunning 360-degree views of the San Francisco Bay for nonprofit events, volunteer activities and more. We’ll extend our Ohana floors to all of our namesake towers worldwide, including those in New York, Indianapolis and London.

Rendering by Pelli Clark Pelli, courtesy of the TJPA

As Salesforce continues to grow in San Francisco, so does our ability to give back to the community. We pioneered the 1-1-1 corporate philanthropy model in which Salesforce dedicates one percent of our time, technology and financial resources to nonprofit organizations and causes in the communities where our employees live and work. This includes improving our local public schools and hospitals, and taking care of those less fortunate.

We're excited for the unveiling of this world-class, state-of the-art transportation hub, which will provide better access to and from San Francisco and an oasis of lush grass and sprawling public park in the hub of downtown for all to enjoy. San Francisco is a world-class global destination and we’re thrilled to have a role in its growth and future. Please come visit us at our HQ campus soon!