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Customer Relationship Management or CRM has been around since the 1980s (and maybe earlier if you count rolodexes, ledgers, and other paper-based filing systems), but modern CRM software was developed in the 1990s. Yet, fast-forward a few decades later, and you’ll still find businesses that think CRM is a buzzword used in the sales world.

In fact, it’s pretty simple: CRM manages most of your critical customer information so that you can see it all in one place. Without leaving the app, you can view contact info, follow up via email or social media, manage tasks, and track your performance, among other benefits. Essentially, with the right CRM, you’re increasing sales business efficiency in sales, customer service, marketing and more.

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And if you’re not that familiar with CRM, not to worry. Check out these 4 signs that a CRM could help you, and then take the quiz. You’ll walk away being a lot more CRM savvy.

4 Signs That You Need A CRM System

You start missing, misplacing or can’t find customer data. Spreadsheets, sticky notes, emails, and lists might have been great when your business was in its infancy, but now … not so much.

You don’t know how your sales team is performing. Whether they’re in the office, or on the road it’s essential to know how your sales team is performing, so you can act immediately if needed.

Your customer service is falling short. Winning customers is hard enough, but if your service is subpar, you won’t be able to keep them.

Your marketing and sales teams aren’t working together. These two teams often play the blame game with each other, but it’s essential that they work in tandem to create business efficiency.


Test out your newfound CRM knowledge. Take our quiz to find out how much you know about CRM.