You know those people who seem to effortlessly juggle a thriving career, a bustling family, and still carve out “me time?” Well, you might say that’s Jamie Domenici, Vice President, Product Marketing at Salesforce and our latest Salesforce Woman of the Month. But the truth is, “doing it all” is just a myth. And Jamie let me in on a well-kept secret: while “doing it all” sounds tempting, for her, simply giving your all to the important things in your life is far more rewarding. So, let’s scrap the notion of “doing it all” and take Jamie’s lead on giving your all. We sat down with Jamie to find out how she makes it all happen:

First, tell us about your journey at Salesforce.

I’ve worked at Salesforce for seven years and my journey has been amazing, to say the least! I started after a big acquisition to help integrate the marketing department, and from there I took off through roles in Sales Cloud, Wave, Quip, Small Business Marketing, and, most recently, Customer Success. In fact, I just took on a new role to focus on driving adoption and building the customer success narrative. Looking back, I have been fortunate to work with so many incredible products and amazing people over the years!

What does “giving your all” mean to you?

To me, it means finding the right balance of where you spend your time and energy. My family, my work, and my friends are all important to me, so working to make time for each of those makes me happy. Trust me, it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. And it gets easier once you learn to prioritize your time.

How do you prioritize what’s important?

Funny enough, my Twitter bio really sums it up — it says I am a mom, marketer, and lover of all things customer success. (I guess I should add that I’m a wife, too!) I keep these priorities in mind when I have challenging moments. Especially on tough days at the office, I remind myself that I have two amazing daughters and I want to be their role model so that they grow up to be self-sufficient, confident women.

Have you had to make any trade-offs along the way?

I try to find shortcuts instead! I outsource anything I can so I get to focus on what makes me motivated and ready to take on the day. But it’s not always easy. When I can’t do things, like pick up the kids from school, I have to rely on my amazing support system.  

Name three ways you avoid burnout.

First, my kids, of course! But also going to my happy place, Lake Tahoe — where I visit as often as I can to relax. And lastly, reality TV. That’s right, I’m a firm believer that sometimes you just need to watch bad TV and disconnect!

Any advice for working parents trying to find a balance?

Hang in there. And remember, your kids love you and need you to be their example. But you don’t have to do it all alone! When it comes to your kids, finding help you trust — whether that’s a daycare, nanny, or family member — can make all the difference.

What are the top things you do to manage your time?

I find ways to run my business from my purse — Salesforce1 and Quip are lifesavers! Plus, being mobile allows me to multitask. Taking calls on my commute to work is just one way I try to squeeze it all in.

The most important thing to remember when giving your all is …

Make every minute count. I never waste a minute at work and I never miss a minute at home. And that’s how I know I’m giving my all.

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To hear more from Jamie, make sure to connect with her on LinkedIn. And stay tuned for more insights from our next Salesforce Woman of the Month, coming your way in August.