Every IT leader knows that finding an application development platform that both saves time and enables them to innovate, fast, would be nirvana. Businesses are faced with immense pressure to innovate in order to compete and stay relevant, or they risk getting beat—or bought—by more technologically evolved companies (Whole Foods, meet Amazon!). With a whopping 89% of CIOs saying IT leaders should play a key role in their company’s digital transformations, finding a fast and cost-effective app development platform is paramount.   

If that statistic resonates with you, the Salesforce Platform may be what you’re looking for. The Salesforce Platform is the engine underneath the hood of all our clouds, enabling and empowering companies to build apps around what matters most–their customers. A recent report by IDC determined that businesses utilizing the Salesforce Platform for app development achieve 478% five-year ROI and increasing revenues an average of $55,000 per 100 users. That’s pretty impressive, but what might that ROI look like for your company? What could your company achieve with Salesforce, given your unique app development cycle, your existing IT infrastructure, and your current IT productivity?

Discover Your Productivity Potential

With our ROI Calculator, embark on a journey to discover how much more productive your organization can be when building apps using the Salesforce Platform. Share a little about your company and join Astro in the APP-alachian mountains to see how Salesforce can help your organization’s technological development. From reduced IT infrastructure costs and an increase in IT productivity, to improved overall business productivity and lower risk mitigation costs, you’ll uncover the monumental business value your organization could realize by building apps on the Salesforce Platform.

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Reach The Summit of Cost Savings

Built on Heroku, our scalable platform as a service (PaaS) enabling developers to build apps that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, the ROI Calculator shows you how much money your organization could save by building apps on the Salesforce Platform. As one born-in-the-cloud organization says, “Speed of iteration is a huge benefit with Salesforce...because we are able to deliver faster and deliver new applications. It makes it really easy to update your application [and] simplifies the workflow for your developers.”

Take an Impromptu Trip to Space

This fun and interactive calculator walks you down the path to faster app development and increased productivity with the Salesforce Platform. You’ll even visit Einstein in space on his asteROId where he’ll show you his latest discovery, your organization’s total business value as calculated by his newest equation: Time x Salesforce = Business Value.



See how Salesforce can put your company on the path to building more apps faster with our out-of-this-world business value calculator, and discover your personalized ROI today!