What is the back office? Simply put, it’s the backbone of a company, the departments — finance and accounting, ERP, HR, and IT — that, despite being behind the scenes, keep things running so the customer-facing departments can be successful. Stemming from the latest AppExchange guide for back office apps, here’s a look at 24 customer reviews of back office apps.


Finance Apps

Salesforce customers in finance manage all money-related matters, including accounting, strategic planning, auditing, and budgeting.


Sage Live

“I just press a button and all banking activity is imported into Sage and processed through posting rules that I have total control over.” - John Monahan


Accounting Seed

“With Accounting Seed we are now able to automate tasks and billing — this makes our jobs easier and our customers happier.” Tammy Gregersen


FinancialForce Accounting

“FinancialForce Accounting gave us back office automation. So now we can focus on our customers and their business needs.” - Jocelyn Fennewald



“JustOn gave us an invoicing solution that adapted to our multilanguage, multicurrency, and installment logic for payment deadlines.” - Danny Müller


Invoices for Salesforce

“With the click of a button, Invoices for Salesforce enables us to invoice complex billing scenarios quickly and accurately.” - Stef Sampson


Steelbrick Billing

"I can't believe we didn't have this years ago! To be able to have all of our client attached to each account so that we don't have to go elsewhere is an absolutely amazing thing. We could not be happier and realize how vital this app is to our success!" - Drew Sheahan



Salesforce customers use ERP to integrate processes, systems, and data into one source of truth.


Ascent ERP

“We used Ascent to migrate all our processes from being managed within spreadsheets to fully managed within Salesforce.” - Scott Gardiner



“Kenandy provided measurable efficiencies, organizational transparency, and focused us on revenue generation — not data collection.” - Charlie Merrow



“Inventory, purchasing, MRP, and WCP were key in making our back office a success. Rootstock did it all in a well-integrated fashion.” - Stephen Simons


Matrix Velocity

“Matrix Velocity gave us a nice way to go from quote to order to fulfillment to invoice (and to inventory) all within Salesforce.” - Jonathan Rowe


Glovia OM

“Glovia OM turns opportunities into quotes, quotes into sales orders, and sales orders into shipping orders and documentation.” - Teno Cipri


Propel PLM

“As Propel is built on Salesforce, we can be more customer- and partner-centric by connecting our product, customer, and partner data.” - Rick Austinson



HR activities include recruiting and hiring of employees, orientation and training of current employees, employee benefits, and retention. Here are some of the HR apps recommended by Salesforce customers.


Sage People

“The automated processes of Sage People not only enabled HR to be more efficient, but the quality of our data increased dramatically.” - Jess Davies



“Skilo’s user-friendly interface is easy for employees and managers to use, and the highly configurable reporting module is essential for HR.” - Kasandra Radzinska



“XCD is a cost-effective HR solution that enables us to manage our HR data, files, and policies from one location.” - Inspire Sport


Cornerstone for Salesforce

“Cornerstone is a must-have training. It’s incredibly powerful with a simple setup. I’m really impressed with its ease of use.” - Melodie Schwartz


Improved Help

“Improved Help really is a fantastic help resource for users, providing the right help and process guidance when it is need.” - Wayne Austin



“Litmos helped us to train hundreds of people each month simply by the click of a button.” - Charles Brown



Salesforce customers in IT handles everything from a company’s physical hardware to its operating systems, applications, databases, storage, and servers.



“OwnBackup saves my team hours of backup work that we can now use to focus on revenue-driving initiatives.” - Brie Morgan



“I can’t stress how easy Spanning is to use. Backups run daily, you see what data was changed, and you can restore data anytime.” - Deb Weller



“CloudAlly removed the worry around site data backup. Once the painless setup was done, the app just runs and we forget about it.” - Robert Middleton



“RemedyForce is web accessible, has no servers or upgrades to manage, and lets our field staff easily submit requests and tickets.” - John Riley



“We had inventory across the country that we couldn’t track. ELTON tracked every piece of equipment in a very quick and smooth way.” - John Prilliman



“We used INSITE to change databases and simplify incident reporting, problem management, and catalog and fulfillment requests.” - Randy Engh

24 Customer-Recommended Back Office Apps from Salesforce

With over 3,000 apps in inventory, we hope this guide helps you zero in on the back office apps that are right for your business. View the entire collection and happy exploring.