Ideas can come from anywhere. At Salesforce, Chatter is one of the ways we make sure that the best ideas get shared. Chatter is our enterprise social network and how Salesforce employees connect, collaborate, stay engaged, and increase productivity.

We’d like to show how we use Chatter at Salesforce, and explain some exciting features available on our Lightning platform that your company can use to generate and share ideas faster and more seamlessly than ever before.

Connectivity — Why We Rely on Chatter

From our top executives to our most recent hire, everyone at Salesforce connects through Chatter, and everyone is expected to fill out a Chatter profile.

It may seem like a small thing, but your Chatter profile is important. It lets others see the people you’re connected to and the groups you follow. It also lets you express who you are.

If you have a particular area of expertise, anyone at a Salesforce office from around the world can connect with you to discuss the latest news and trends, and to share competitive information. Your Chatter profile can connect you to a new contact or a new account — you never know.

Collaboration — How We Democratize Information

When everyone uses Chatter, it becomes part of a company’s culture, and that is absolutely true at Salesforce.

Our executives use Chatter to share important company updates. They ask questions and create instant polls to test out new ideas. It’s the kind of transparency and collaboration that builds trust.

Everyone at Salesforce knows that there’s no limit to the type of information that can be shared on Chatter, just as there’s no limit to the kind of ideas that can be discussed.

Engagement — One of Our Sources of Inspiration

Chatter groups are how people with similar interests connect. And at Salesforce, we’ve discovered that groups are a powerful way to engage and inspire others.

There are Chatter groups that allow managers to stay in touch with their teams, and groups that encourage engineers to share ideas with one another. But there are also groups at Salesforce that have formed around interests, including:

  • Women’s Network— empowers women globally through inclusion and equality
  • Earthforce — explores climate change and the latest ideas on sustainability
  • Vetforce — connects veterans and those actively serving in the military

Creating a Chatter Group is simple and one of the best ways to engage people in new conversations where everyone can join the discussion.

Productivity — We’re Always Looking for Ways to Improve

We are always looking for new ways to improve Chatter. Here are a few of the exciting features available in Chatter using the Lightning platform:

  • Chatter Stream — helps you organize the things you want to stay up-to-date on. Add any kind of record you’d like (groups, people, accounts, and so on), and create both in-app and email notifications to alert you to important activity in your stream.
  • Company Highlights — uses Einstein intelligence to serve up the top Chatter posts based on views, likes, comments, and other social signals. It’s invaluable to new Chatter users and those who want to get up to speed on what’s trending and what’s important.
  • Recommendations — show up on your home screen and are a great way to make new discoveries. Machine learning and Einstein’s complex algorithms serve up topics and information based on your Chatter profile and history. Join groups and follow people right from recommendations.
  • Topics — help you organize and consolidate all of the things you follow. There’s a topic detail page where you can edit topic descriptions, see how many people are discussing a topic, and discover related topics. Hashtags (#) make organizing topics even simpler.
  • Reporting — is a powerful tool that managers will find invaluable. With more than 130 reports and dashboards you can get deep insights into adoption, usage, and engagement in Chatter.

Shared Ideas — Shared Success

Chatter is more than just another tool at Salesforce. It’s a key part of our culture of innovation. And since your company’s culture is unique, you can adapt Chatter to your needs. Help your employees work more efficiently, be more productive, and innovate as one team across all departments with Chatter.

Learn more about Chatter and all of the improvements we’ve made in Lightning.