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Anyone who has ever carried a quota knows scheduling meetings is one of the worst parts of the job. It can feel like you're playing a game of calendar battleship with your customer.

Does 2 pm Tuesday work? No. What about 3 pm Friday? No. And the back and forth continues, slowing down your sales cycle and chewing up precious selling time.

Over the last decade, as sales collaboration has increased, the challenge associated with booking customer meetings has exploded. It's hard enough to find a time that works with your schedule and your customer's. Adding in two or three busy teammates like a Sales Engineer or Product Manager makes it impossible. It's no wonder that 66% of sales rep's time is
spent on tasks other than selling.

Despite the scheduling challenges of cross-functional collaboration, it's now more important than ever to sell as a team. The products and services we sell have become increasingly complex, and reps can no longer survive as lone wolves. Successful reps must act as quarterbacks, aligning multiple subject matter experts for each customer call to solve complicated business challenges. According to the Salesforce State of Sales research report, successful sales teams are 2.1x more likely to use cross-team collaboration in their sales process.

Here at Salesforce, our team believes that busywork like scheduling meetings should never stand between you and your customers – that's why we developed Salesforce Inbox. Today, we're excited to announce Team Scheduling for Inbox to help your team sell faster and more collaboratively than ever before.

Get the Right Teammates on the Call to Seal the Deal

With Team Scheduling for Inbox, now it's easy to loop in subject matter experts when you need them on a customer call. In just a couple of clicks, you can add teammates to a meeting invite, see when everyone's free to meet, and share the team's availability with your customer via email. No more long email threads or chat sessions trying to align internal resources.

What's more? Team Scheduling reduces double booking and rescheduling. The email with your team's availability is a dynamic message which means it updates in real time – even after you've sent it. Whenever your customer opens the email, they'll only see your current availability.

Depending on your role on the sales team, sometimes team selling involves scheduling meetings on behalf of your colleagues – perhaps you're a sales development rep, booking meetings for an account executive. With Team Scheduling, you can find and share your teammate's availability, and transfer ownership of the meeting to them as well. That way, when your customer accepts the meeting, it will appear on your colleague's calendar as if they had booked it themselves.

In today's complex economy, selling is a team sport. With Team Scheduling for Inbox, now you can connect with your customers in a whole new way.

Start Selling Faster and More Collaboratively Today

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