Analytics is all about asking questions that lead to insights and drive action. You have questions about your business every hour, and the answer to one question may lead to two more questions, and two more questions after that. That’s why Salesforce Analytics is here to help you navigate your data and surface those answers in the moment you need them, on any device. Millions of Salesforce users rely on analytics reports and dashboards, infused within our core products, to quickly look up their data, communicate results and take action. And today, we want to thank our customer Trailblazers for crossing a new milestone: you now run one billion analytics reports per month! Thank you, Trailblazers! We could not have done this without you.


Complete Analytics Built on Salesforce


We’ve always taken the approach that analytics is not a back office function, but a front office imperative. That’s why we have complete, integrated, intelligent analytics built into the CRM experience. Salesforce Analytics spans the entire spectrum of analytics — basic analytics, which include reports and dashboards; insights delivered byrole-specific, self-service Einstein Analytics apps and the Einstein Analytics Platform; and advanced analytics powered by AI through Einstein Discovery, automatically surfacing intelligent CRM insights and recommending actions. And in surpassing the billion report milestone in a single month, Salesforce Analytics users are analyzing hundreds of billions of rows of data across our entire Salesforce Analytics portfolio.


Analytics for Every Decision


With Salesforce, insights are in the hands of the user in an instant, at every point of decision making and every point of customer interaction. We are empowering every Salesforce user, no matter their role, to make data-driven decisions anytime, anywhere.

For example, a salesperson starts their day checking their pipeline by looking at their Sales Cloud dashboard. If they want to dive deeper, they can get insights on their historical data and explore their pipe over past quarters in the Sales Analytics app. Then, they’ll also want answers to critical forward-looking questions, such as: Will they reach their quota in this current quarter? How can they close deals faster? What actions can they take to improve their pipe? With Einstein Discovery they can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to identify patterns in data and get the answers they need to grow their business. 

Here’s another example. You’re a service manager using Service Cloud to track KPIs around customer satisfaction (CSAT). First, you check the dashboards on the metrics that affect CSAT — factors like time to first response, resolved issues, average resolution time and Net Promoter Score. Then, with the Service Analytics app you see how CSAT has changed over the last 12 months. Finally, you’ll use Einstein Discovery for predictions and recommendations on improving CSAT for the holiday season, including how to staff your teams and what metrics will have the most impact on your customers’ happiness.

Every Salesforce user can become an analytics trailblazer, by traversing the analytics spectrum — from diagnostic insights and self-service exploration, all the way to automated, predictive and prescriptive recommendations.


To Our Trailblazers!


Thank you for being a part of our Ohana and helping us reach this one billion reports milestone. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we hope you’ll be along for the ride as we continue to usher in the future of analytics. To learn more about trailblazing with analytics, check out these trails for an Introduction to Reports and Dashboards, and learn more about Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery.

Can’t fathom how much a billion really is? Take a look at our infographic!