If you plan to attend Dreamforce '17 or watch online, be sure to take advantage of our top five ways to connect, learn, and have fun with millions of fellow Trailblazers in the Salesforce Community!

In case you haven't heard, the Salesforce Community is a thriving Ohana of Salesforce customers around the world who connect and collaborate online and in their local communities. These Trailblazers help each other learn Salesforce, make the most of the platform, get awesome jobs, give back in their communities, and even make lifelong friends.

1. Check Out Road to Dreamforce with Holly Firestone, Director of Community

Leveraging the Salesforce Community is an important key to getting the most out of Dreamforce. Watch this quick overview of the Salesforce Community, learn about all the amazing contributions our Community Leaders make at Dreamforce, and get ideas for how to connect at Dreamforce and beyond. Make sure to listen to the podcast to get additional details.


2. Connect Online NOW!

Start connecting with people like you in our online Collaboration Groups, learn best practices for making the most of the event, and find all the fun stuff to do beforehand! Check out these awesome groups to get you started. You can also search for groups by industry and special interest.

3. Start Local

Attend an upcoming Community Group meeting to meet your local community leaders and peers. They'll have a ton of advice to help you make the most of Dreamforce.

4. Make Connections That Last

The power of the connections you make at Dreamforce can literally change your life. And there's so much energy and inspiration in the air, tons of life- and career-changing moments happen throughout the week. Make a point to chat with as many people as possible at sessions, networking events, during elevator rides, walks between sessions, basically wherever you can! And once you've made a connection, keep going by connecting online - in the Salesforce Community, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

5. Make The Community Work for YOU

Thriving communities like Dreamforce Health & Weight Loss Challenge, Dreamforce “Newbie” Reunion Breakfast, and Flyin' Solo were all started by attendees who wanted to come together with specific groups. Why not start your own? If you have any questions about the Dreamforce experience, put it out there for an awesome taste of how the community comes together to help everyone have the best Dreamforce and Salesforce experience possible.

Do you have or more ideas or tips to share? Join the conversation in the All Dreamforce Collaboration Group! And stay tuned for more details about when and where you can learn from our amazing Salesforce MVPs and Community Group Leaders.