When we launched Trailhead, Salesforce’s online, gamified learning platform, we set out on a mission to empower anyone to skill-up for a job in the thriving Salesforce Economy. Ever since, our community of Trailblazers has been busy obtaining skills that will lead directly to these jobs. In fact, they have now earned more than 3 million badges that represent the skills needed to thrive in today’s workforce—including the latest in AI, mobile, and app development.


Introducing Trailmix—The Soundtrack to Your Career


We’re always looking for new ways to make learning easy, accessible, fun and personal. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Trailmix—custom learning paths that anyone can create from their favorite Trailhead trails, modules, projects, and superbadges. Think Spotify playlists for your learning journey. So just as you’d create a unique playlist of favorite music on Spotify, Trailblazers can now create their own learning mixes. Any Trailhead content that users are interested in visiting can be added directly to a new or existing Trailmix, enabling them to curate a path to reach their goal, right from inside their profile. Trailmix empowers Trailblazers to curate and share their own custom learning maps—their own soundtrack to their career.



While Trailmixes are a great way for individuals to prioritize their own learning, they also showcase the power of our 450,000 Trailblazers. Our community is always inspiring, mentoring and supporting one another and Trailmixes provide them with another way to blaze a trail for others to follow. While we all have our own special music tastes, (full disclosure, I went through a major K-Pop stage), we know that our Trailblazers will be proud to share what they are learning. Which is why we made it so easy to do so. Share your favorite Trailmixes on social media or Chatter to guide fellow Trailblazers. Want to follow Trailmixes created by some of the rockstars in our community? We recommend following Amber Boaz‏’s Trailmix, Begin in the Beginning, for an overview of what you can do on the Salesforce Platform. You can also check out my Trailmix, TrailheaDX 17 Highlights, to learn how to build customer apps that people love.



Land a Top Job With The Help of a Trailmix


We’re constantly inspired by Trailblazers who have transformed their careers with Salesforce. Take Cheryl Feldman for example. Cheryl was working as a hairstylist when she tore her rotator cuff. Her injury led to a job in corporate America where she was introduced to Salesforce. Today, Cheryl is the Assistant Vice President, Salesforce Administration & Strategy, Allianz Global Investors and is a major inspiration to many of our Trailblazers just starting out. Cheryl continues to develop her skills using Trailhead. You can check out her Trailmix, Get a Window Tour of Salesforce, to learn how to get started.

The demand for Salesforce skills is growing. According to Indeed, two out of the top 10 best jobs of 2017 are within the Salesforce Ecosystem―Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer. In order to make it even easier to help everyone develop the skills needed to land a job in our Ecosystem, we created two featured Trailmixes: Build Your Developer Career on Salesforce: “Go from 0 to 60 in no time flat on your way to developer stardom” and Build Your Admin Career on Salesforce: “Follow this well-trodden path to a successful #awesomeadmin career.”



Why This Matters For Employers


The lack of engaged and skilled employees is a problem that is plaguing today’s workforce. As the pace of innovation accelerates, new hires are entering companies lacking the skills they need to succeed. With Trailhead, managers can create their own “things to know” Trailmixes and share them with employees, ensuring they have the right skills to succeed from day one. This puts a priority on learning from an employee’s first day at a company and transforms the onboarding experience.


What Are You Waiting For?


We’re firm believers that learning should never stop. Even if you’ve landed your dream job in the Salesforce Ecosystem, there’s still more to learn and more fun to be had! We’ve made it easy for you―check out some of our featured Trailmixes. Or better yet, create your first Trailmix today!