Dreamforce is a great representation of our ecosystem and the community it has created. It is an opportunity to come together, celebrate success, and set their vision for the future. This week, we went in depth with the AppExchange and the Salesforce Community and how the ecosystem helps us all be our best.

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AppExchange at Dreamforce: Update #1


In our first update from Leyla Seka and the AppExchange team, we had the privilege to meet their new mascot Appy! Additionally, learn how you can engage with AppExchange prior to Dreamforce with All in the Stack, and an overview of where you can learn more at the conference. Listen to the full podcast to hear about Leyla’s journey to her current position.


Salesforce Community


Leveraging the Salesforce Community is an important key to getting the most out of Dreamforce. Holly Firestone, Director, Salesforce Community shares her top tips for the community, and how to connect with User Groups and Salesforce MVPs.

Want more info on the Salesforce Community? Check out the blog post


Join Our Ecosystem: Do Well By Doing Good


To quote Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, “The business of doing business is to improve the state of the world.”

This principle guides us at Salesforce — as it does for many other companies. We can and should blend doing good with doing well. We not only believe in our products, but we believe in combining good business with good works.

In this episode of Blazing Trails we are focusing on how businesses can make the world a better place, and Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs, the 17 major issues in the world that the United Nations has identified as necessary to fix. At the Salesforce World Tour in London, as part of the Fortune CEO Series, we sat down with three passionate, innovative, and inspiring guests, to discuss SDGs, and how we can improve the world by achieving these goals.

Michael MØller, Director General of the United Nations, is working to fix the SDGs. He knows that accomplishing these goals will create a fairer world by 2030, where extreme poverty has been eradicated, climate change is properly addressed and injustice and inequality are unacceptable.

We also chatted with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, a huge proponent of using the online world as a force for good. He has recently started Wikitribune, a crowdsourced site that will pay journalists to write real news. Wikitribune is trying to tackle fake news by using human contributors and journalists to stem the tide of false news, in part propagated by social media algorithms.

Gail Gallie, a business leader with a strong sense of social purpose, has worked for both advertisers and agencies, in the public and private sectors. Today she is the Co-Founder and CEO of Project Everyone. Hear about their mission to ensure that everyone on the planet knows what the SDGs are, so that they stand the greatest chance of being achieved.

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