There’s never been more data available to brands to help them develop and optimize every aspect of their marketing and customer engagement. Yet many marketers understand that this sea of data is only as valuable as their organization’s ability to capture, unify, and analyze it.

Salesforce DMP, formerly Krux, is the only data management platform built on a modern framework designed to ingest 100% of structured and unstructured data, giving enterprises the power to capture, unify, and action on customer data at massive scale. Salesforce DMP captures and stores more that 30 petabytes of customer data every month — enough data to store approximately 13 years of high-definition video.

We believe that our continued dedication to this approach to data management has been recognized by Forrester, which has named Salesforce DMP a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q2 2017.


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In a relatively short amount of time, data management has evolved from a concept that a few digitally focused brands were testing and piloting to something that is now mission critical to nearly all marketers and media companies.

While many enterprises have attempted to stitch together their disparate first-party data sets, their task has grown more complex given the deluge of online interaction data, as well as second- and third-party data, that these organizations now have access to. When you add to this the sheer challenge of managing the computing and data-storage infrastructure needed for the task, it's no wonder that enterprises are looking for options. While DMPs have historically been known as a solution that drives targeted advertising, more organizations now understand how the right DMP can help unify these data sets in a way that provides a truly holistic view of the customer. As Forrester notes, “Data management is the differentiator for customer-obsessed brands.”

Consumers expect a more relevant and seamless experience across channels and devices. The DMP has emerged as the hub that orchestrates experiences across all addressable touchpoints. As Forrester notes, “The DMP lies at the core of this effort, ingesting data from all parts of the marketer enterprise generated by channel-specific data platforms — like business intelligence, customer relationship, and enterprise data warehousing — and syndicating insights to all stakeholders, making the DMP the brains of the overall operation.”

In its evaluation, Forrester noted that, “Krux, acquired by Salesforce in late 2016 and rebranded as Salesforce DMP in May 2017, approaches data management differently from other DMPs. Rather than algorithmically deriving insights from aggregated data, Salesforce DMP ingests raw data and applies machine learning to allow insights to bubble up, eliminating the inherent biases that algorithms entail.”

In a world where most consumers own multiple devices, the challenge of cross-device identity is paramount. Analyzing a customer’s path to purchase requires a robust cross-device identity capability that enables a marketer to understand that path as consumers move across their devices. As the third-largest source of user identity after Google and Facebook, Salesforce DMP’s native device graph encounters over 4 billion unique devices and browsers every month, helping enterprises connect to their customers on the devices that power experience.

As one Salesforce DMP customer noted to Forrester, “Over 85% of our traffic comes from in-app mobile sources. Salesforce DMP has been able to manage our user-identity issues, providing deep matches to second- and third-party data sources and addressing a broad range of design needs.”

Salesforce DMP’s mission is to forge ahead with new machine-learning advances powered by Salesforce Einstein. These would enable broader insights that travel across not just marketing, but also commerce and customer service. These insights power propensity modeling, journey insights, algorithmic segmentation, and addressable attribution. In short, we are committed to providing an unrivaled holistic view of the customer across every touchpoint.

The Salesforce DMP is continuously co-innovating with the world’s largest marketers, publishers, and media companies to deliver innovative solutions that power not just addressable advertising, but enterprisewide customer engagement.

Forrester stated our ambitions perfectly: “Salesforce will be the enterprise-level intelligence engine with the acquisition of Krux.”