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It's no secret that salespeople spend a tremendous amount of time in email. In fact, according to a study conducted by McKinsey, the average sales rep dedicates 28 hours per week to reading and writing emails.

Despite its importance to working professionals, email hasn't changed much since it was first invented in 1972. The last significant innovations happened in 90's when Microsoft first released Outlook and Blackberry made email accessible on mobile phones.

At Salesforce, we're on a mission to reinvent email for sales professionals by bringing the power of the World's #1 Sales Platform to your inbox. Today, we're excited to announce two brand-new features for Salesforce Inbox: Email Engagement Tracking and a brand-new user interface for Inbox designed to boost sales productivity.


Sell Smarter With Email Engagement Tracking

For salespeople, one of the biggest shortcomings of email is the lack of subtle, non-verbal queues. When you're meeting face to face or on the phone, great salespeople can infer a tremendous amount of information by reading their customer's body language, tone of voice, and speaking cadence. However, email reduces customer communications to impersonal text, which makes it hard for reps to personalize their selling motion.

Email Engagement Tracking for Salesforce Inbox is like body language for email communication. With Inbox reps can now add one or more hyperlinks to an email – for example, a link to a product video – and get a push notification the instant a customer clicks one of the links. Additionally, reps can gauge customer interest by monitoring the engagement timeline – a complete view of when, where, and how many times a customer engaged with an email.


Sell Faster With a Brand-New User Interface for Email


With the latest release, we've supercharged Inbox by revamping its user interface. Drawing from the Lightning Design System – the innovative user interface we first developed for the Salesforce Platform – we've rethought every element of Inbox to make the mobile apps and desktop plug-ins for Gmail and Outlook even more intuitive for users.

Speed was built into every aspect of the brand-new UI for Inbox to help reps spend less time on email and more time with customers. The new UI improves app navigation, helping users to find the information they need in their email inbox – fast. And quick actions allow you to multi-select a group of emails and flag or file them away.


Try Inbox Today


If you're an existing Salesforce customer, it's easy to try out these brand-new Inbox features today. Start your free 30-day trial.