On this week’s Road to Dreamforce, we’re welcoming everyone to the Year of Service! With Service Cloud, your customers can become more successful than ever. Are you service professional? Don’t miss even more exciting updates on the podcast. Get ALL of the details and really explore the behind-the-scenes of all things service at Dreamforce.

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Service Cloud at Dreamforce: Update #1


One of the big themes at Dreamforce this year? Service! Service Cloud has some exciting developments with Lightning. Not only is Lightning an awesome way for customers to get up-and-running but there is also Lightning Console. This console has the productivity tools to get you through everything service-related on your to-do list.

A great place to see all of that technology in action at Dreamforce is at the Campground. You’ll be able to see all of the new technology come to life in exciting ways.  

Learn even more about Service Cloud and their first Dreamforce update about all the products and opportunities available at Dreamforce that can help you do it!



But Wait, There’s More...

Serving a Sustainable Future


In our last episode, we looked at Sustainable Development Goals, also known as SDGs, and how businesses can make the world a better place. On this episode, we'll be diving even deeper into fascinating interviews from the Salesforce World Tour in London as part of the Fortune CEO Series. If you haven't had the chance, we suggest going back to listen to Part 1 of our SDG series in Episode 4.

We speak with
Cherie Blair, founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. As well as fighting for human rights in her professional career, Cherie is an active campaigner on equality and human rights issues. Cherie remains closely involved to charities with a special emphasis on women and children. Learn about the three C's of the Cherie Blair Foundation and more.

Hear from another international advocate for women, specifically in the tech industry and in the realm of female entrepreneurship -
Neelie Kroes. Currently serving as Special Advisor to Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, she’s also a Board Member for Salesforce. Kroes served 11 years as EU Commissioner, the first term as EU Commissioner for Competition Policy and the second term as Commissioner in charge of the Digital Agenda for Europe. Check out our sit-down with Kroes to discuss what it's like to work with such complex and intricate organizations and more.

Guy Standing's storied background is deep in economics and global organizations. Currently, he is a Professorial Research Associate at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Famed for his book The Precariat, his most recent book is Basic income: and how we can make it happen. In our last look into our conversations from the Fortune CEO Series, Standing takes on topics like the share economy and its effects on the global labor market.



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