We recently introduced Appy, your guide to all things AppExchange. She’s in the know about apps and really wants to share her knowledge with you. However, when she doesn’t have the answers on the tip of her paw, she get a little help from her friends. Appy joined the Ohana in March, which means come November, she’ll be embarking on her first Dreamforce. She tapped the AppExchange community of customer and partner Trailblazers for insights into a great Dreamforce for a first timer.

Whether it’s your first Dreamforce or your tenth, there’s plenty to learn from these tips. Grab your favorite Dreamforce backpack and get ready for the best Dreamforce yet. Paws up!

Networking tips at Dreamforce 

1. Meet everyone and spread joy to the #Salesforce #Ohana!! - Vipul Goel (click to tweet!)

2. Ask questions. Don't be afraid to stay up late (I hear cats have great night vision). - J Uin (click to tweet!

3. Have fun. Talk to people. Ask people about their Salesforce story. You will learn lots. - John Lay  (click to tweet!)

4. Learn > Share > Network > Party hard > Repeat  #Appy! Wishing you a great #DF17. - Biswa Ray (click to tweet!)

5. Don't try to make every session. Some of the best knowledge exchanges occur during the 1-on-1 networking! - Eric Dreshfield (click to tweet!)

6.  Talk to people in the same sessions that you’re in, because they have similar interests.  Ask them, 'What do you want to get out of this session?' - @fduncan (click to tweet!)

7. Network, Network, Network....and HAVE FUN! – Steve Harris (click to tweet!)

8. Don't hesitate to talk to new people and have fun! - Ritika Bhargava (click to tweet!)

9. Get your Twitter handle on your conference badge. Sometimes it's easier to recognize people you interact with all year by their alias. - Daniel Ballinger (click to tweet!)


Dreamforce tips on what to wear/bring

10. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes!!! - Susan Sparks (click to tweet!

11. Don’t bring your laptop if possible. You will walk a lot! - Johan Yu (click to tweet!)

12. I say bring a small laptop. Seen something cool in a session and want to try it out straight away? A laptop gives you full access to Salesforce and your favorite developer tools. With Trailhead being such a big part of Salesforce, it could be useful to knock out a few modules on the go. There are also the development "Mini Hacks" to be completed. - Daniel Ballinger (click to tweet!)

13. Pack light to make room for the swag. - Ritika Bhargava (click to tweet!)

14. Outline your packing list and bring flexible attire for a busy week in a city that practically has its own weather pattern (hot/cold/rainy/etc). - Chris Zullo (click to tweet!)

15. Wear comfy shoes and layers (hot outside, cool inside). Those pads on the paws will certainly help, #Appy! - Lindsay Chung (click to tweet!)

16.  Bring portable power for your devices. – Chris Zullo (click to tweet!)

17.  Compression socks save lives. - Peter Terhune (click to tweet!)

18.  We would tell #Appy to bring her dancing shoes! - SpringCM (click to tweet!)


Dreamforce tips for planning your day

19.  Don't try to do it all! You'll wear yourself out! Pick 1-2 sessions per day and spend time networking in between. - Amber Boaz (click to tweet!)

20.  Leave gaps in your schedule to give yourself time to get across the campus and allow for queues/lines. Pace yourself! - Louise Lockie (click to tweet!

21.  Sign up early for sessions (and don't overbook!). - Uin (click to tweet!)

22.  Determine your top three goals to learn and ruthlessly plan your agenda with them in mind. - Ashley Creech (click to tweet!)

23.  #Appy, plan ahead for #DF17. @Dreamforce is an amazing experience and with a little prep you can make it even more rewarding. #HittheTrail – Chris McDonald (click to tweet!)


Dreamforce tips on where to go

24.  Refill your bottle(s) at one of the many water stations throughout the Dreamforce campus! - Dale Ziegler (click to tweet!)

25.  Stop by the Cloud Expo to meet the partners behind the apps face-to-face. It's valuable to spend some time talking to the partners that work so hard to publish the Salesforce apps that we find on AppExchange. - Phil Weinmeister (click to tweet!)

26.  Save a lot of time to spend on the Cloud Expo, because the partners may show you trending ideas that you could buy directly from the AppExchange or at least be inspired from and use in your next implementations! - Jean-Michel MOUGEOLLE (click to tweet!)

27.  Get certified! Salesforce certification exams are available at half the price. - Pranay Jaiswal (click to tweet!)

28.  Find a grocery store and stock up on healthy snacks. You'll need good energy to keep going. -Dale Ziegler (click to tweet!)

29.  Don't be afraid to change your schedule. You may have all your sessions and meetings on your calendar, but it's okay to change your plans. - Brian Kwong (click to tweet!) 

30.  Get some pictures with your Salesforce friends. - OwnBackup (click to tweet!) 


30 Really Good Pieces of Advice for Dreamforce First Timers (Like Appy!) from Salesforce


For more tips and insights, join the Dreamforce Chatter Group on the Success Community. Appy can’t wait to meet everyone and rock her first Dreamforce. Learn more about what Appy is up to at Dreamforce very soon at #AppyDF on Twitter.