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It may be Winter in Westeros, but we’re still clinging to the last days of Summer at CloudCraze with our Summer ’17 release. We collaborated with our customers – including leading brands like Avalara, Adidas, Coca-Cola and Johnson Controls – to deliver new enhancements that enrich their buyer-seller relationships. Just like we consistently push the B2B market with our customer-first solution, our customers also push us to innovate with our platform. Our Summer ’17 release is representative of this collaboration, improving merchandising and buying experiences for our customers and their buyers.

Summer ’17 includes our latest platform release and new additions to the CloudCraze Exchange. Our Summer 17’ release extends this platform investment and our vision to provide a solution that enables businesses to innovate around the customer. Our platform update provides our customers the ability to embrace new business models and user experiences. Specifically:

  • Leverage our price engine to establish new channels of engagement (e.g., IoT, CRM or partner systems) and meet changing customer demands
  • Merchandise items by variation. Product variability is increasing across all industries and our attribute driven approach allows merchandisers to more easily organize and present their products
  • Efficiently build large orders of product assortments (e.g., shoes by size and color)

This spring we formally launched CloudCraze Exchange, our app store. CloudCraze Exchange features add-ons and connectors for further functionality or integration with partner solutions.  Summer ’17 continues this evolution with our commerce lightning components. Lightning, a new CloudCraze Exchange category, includes new Lightning components and page design capabilities to enhance the Community. As an early adopter of Lightning, we have been working with Salesforce and several customers on this GA release. We are excited to help our customers monetize their Salesforce Community with this robust set of components.

A core tenant to our investment strategy is providing the market with a true customer-first commerce platform. We empower businesses to better serve their buyers through access to holistic customer data. But we also move one step further. We use our customer feedback to inform our solution’s overall design and updates. As a market-leading B2B commerce platform, it’s critical that we continually concentrate on improving buying and merchandising efficiencies. Our continued focus on a modern, componentized cloud platform, enables our customers to embrace whatever changes may occur in their marketplace, enabling their buyers to discover new and familiar products quickly, and make purchases faster.

More information about our Summer ‘17 release, check out the webinar available on our Wiki.