The August 2017 (209) Release is packed with top requested customer asks that will significantly improve how you do business. In this release, new features allow even more opportunities for customers to collaborate and share content, manage journeys from anywhere, drive mobile app engagement, and so much more.

We have two awesome webinars coming up that you need to know about! We have our August 2017 New Feature Overview for customers on Tuesday, September 12th, at 2:00 p.m. EDT. This webinar will cover the awesome new features in the August 2017 Release. Register now and don’t miss out!

We also have the Marketing Cloud Holiday Readiness Webinar on September 20th. Product and Customer Success experts will be sharing how Salesforce prepares for the busy holiday season and best practices for holiday sending. Here are two options to register: 10am EST and 4pm EST.

Let’s jump into the highlights:

1. Content Builder Sharing: This feature allows users to collaborate across accounts with the ability to share content and folders to one or more business units or across an enterprise. Learn more!

2. Content Builder Default View in Email Studio: Content Builder is now the default view when you select the Content tab in Email Studio, making it easy to access and build emails in Content Builder. Toggle back to Classic Content to use Classic tools at any time. This change is to encourage adoption for Content Builder, which is the future of content management and creation in the Marketing Cloud. Learn more!

3. Content Builder Reference Block: The new Reference block allows customers to insert a “pointer” to an existing block. This feature ensures a block always uses the latest content. Additionally, the editor will show the content of the referenced block instead of the AMPscript. Learn more!

4. Advertising Studio Lead Analytics for Facebook: Customers now have the ability to measure the ROI of Facebook and Instagram campaigns all through the customer journey to actual revenue. Learn more!

5. Lead Capture for Marketing Cloud: Delete Lead Capture Tasks: This provides a simple way to either correct mistakes or remove outdated campaigns. This was the number one requested feature for customers using this application. Learn more!

6. Journey Builder SMS Activity Enhancement: This feature has received major enhancements to allow for easier cross-channel journey creation. These updates include subscription setting, blackout window setting, and message preview. Learn more!

7. App Inbox Messaging Template: MobilePush now includes a new template focused on helping customers drive app engagement with a push notification that produces a CloudPage sent directly to the app inbox. Learn more!

8. Journey Builder Wait Activity Upgrade: This release improves the Journey Builder Wait Activity with a refreshed UI experience, as well as two new features: Wait for a Specific Date, and Wait by Attribute. Learn more!

9. Social Studio Mobile: Cloud Drive Support for Publish: Social Studio Mobile now integrates with cloud drives so customers can access folders and content from iCloud, Google Drive and other installed 3rd party cloud-based drive applications to publish even more content. Learn more!

10. @mention Other Workspace Users in Social Studio Publish: Customers can now tag other users in the audit trail of any scheduled, published, or pending Social Studio post directly in the post. Users are notified via in-app, mobile, and email notifications when someone tags them in a post. Learn more!