The Dreamforce '17 Agenda Builder is launching, and I want to give you a few insider tips on how to create a fantastic trail. Agenda Builder is your first step in becoming a Trailblazer; use it to unlock the gates of Dreamforce and gain access to all the wonders we have to offer. Below are the secrets to finding and booking the best content of our 1,600+ breakout sessions, 750+ theater sessions, 100+ hours of hands-on training, 85 Circles of Success, and 35 workshops.

  1. Filters are your friends — use them wisely! We have 18 industries, 20 roles, 26 products, 36 themes, and 3 levels for you to select and filter on. I suggest that you begin with your role, as this will help you find the sessions best suited for you. Then layer on those themes and products that you’re interested in. Don’t forget to search on Industry as our Industry team has an incredible lineup of sessions and theaters for you.
  2. Einstein has your back - We are truly excited to have Einstein selecting and then suggesting sessions for you based on your interests. What's really cool is that Einstein will analyze your bookmarks and the sessions you attended to offer up a new set of sessions every day. A few surprises for sure!
  3. Go ahead and bookmark - Before Agenda Builder launches you can bookmark the sessions that you are interested in. When Agenda Builder launches you will be able to see your bookmarks and convert them into reserved seats.
  4. Theater Sessions - We have over 750 twenty minute theater sessions for you to choose from so add them to your schedule. These are success stories, tips and tricks, and action based sessions that pack a punch.
  5. Balance is key. Dreamforce is a four-day conference — balance your schedule so that you have time to enjoy all that it has to offer. What makes Dreamforce so amazing is all the unexpected treats that we have in store for you, so make sure you have time to enjoy them all. Only book three or four sessions per day so that you have time to go with the flow and enjoy those micro-moments that continually pop up all over San Francisco.
  6. Enjoy the moment. Don’t let the size and scope of Dreamforce overwhelm you. There are magical moments happening all over our campus — just take a deep breath and enjoy them. It’s Dreamforce! If you don’t get to something on your schedule, look for a repeat or a similarly themed session
  7. Take some time, do your homework. We have more repeats and new formats this year than ever before so make sure you locate those while building your agenda.
  8. Dreamtalks! Based on the success of last years' Dreamtalks, we are excited to offer a new line-up of 25-minute sessions for you. These are amazing and inspiring talks given by the world-renowned experts that we have selected just for you.
  9. Walk-Ins 101. Don’t forget that we block 25% of all seats (except for HoTs and a few workshops) for walk-ins so you should almost always be able to get into any sessions that you can’t reserve a seat. If you see something you just can't miss, get there early.
  10. Take it To Chatter. Use Chatter to talk to our session owners. Chatter is enabled in every session record so ask questions, request a copy of the presentation, and begin a dialogue with our session owners.

We want you to go see something that has nothing to do with your job or industry. If you are not a Developer, go to the Developer Meadow in Moscone West, if you are not a Marketer, go to the Marketing Zone. And check out your Einstein suggestions as these will all add to the incredible, crazy, intense, unpredictable experience that is Dreamforce. On behalf of our 4000+ speakers, session owners, and content leaders, we wish you a wonderful Dreamforce. And remember, you are the mapmaker!

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