It’s officially crunch time — those days before a trip when you start picking up travel-sized bottles at the store or noodling on what to pack. But after 14 years of geeking out about Dreamforce, we’ve become experts in prepping for the world’s largest technology conference.

No need to make your own packing list. We’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you’ll need to  bring to San Francisco for a fun, comfortable, safe, and education-packed week.


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  1. Smartphone loaded with your Dreamforce Jetpack and apps. (Click to tweet!) We recommend downloading the Salesforce Events app and these other key apps to keep you in-the-know from the second you arrive at Dreamforce.

  2. Business cards. (Don’t scrimp either. Dreamforce is sold out, and more than 171,000 people are registered to attend!)

  3. Extra computer charger. Just in case!

  4. Portable battery pack, charger, and cords. There are plenty of charging stations on the Dreamforce campus, but double check that you pack the right cords and adapters for your specific devices.


  5. Presentations and files on a USB drive. If you’re presenting at Dreamforce, whether in a session or giving a pitch to potential clients, don’t forget to have your essential content handy.

  6. Multi-port USB charger for charging multiple devices at once. Just a good way to make the most out of your charging time!

  7. Walking shoes. The Dreamforce campus and events cover more than 18 venues. Leave the stilettos at home — or at least bring something else to change into.

  8. Band-Aids or blister cushions. (See #7.)

  9. Business casual attire. The Dreamforce dress code has always been business casual. Look your best, but don’t feel the need to get too fancy or formal. When you’re ready to unwind, San Francisco offers a ton of great food, entertainment, and leisure options for every personality and budget.


  1. Warm jacket and scarf for layering throughout the day. Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Whether you’re in a session or walking outside, bringing extra layers is a good idea to prep for any condition.

  2. Umbrella. Because San Francisco.

  3. Extra tote bag for swag. Because marketers.


  1. Notebook or app for note-taking. Dreamforce is home to 3,200+ sessions of industry content, training, and keynotes. Believe us — you’ll want to write down everything you hear to take back to your team! Prefer digital notetaking? Check out Quip. Fun fact: If you create a free account and collaborate with a colleague at Dreamforce, you’ll get a Trailblazer hoodie!

  2. Your printed session schedule. The Salesforce Events app is your hub for all session and conference content. But it’s never a bad idea to have a back-up copy in case your phone dies or you lose service.

  3. Back-up credit card. Traveling can be unpredictable. Make sure you can still join in the fun and get where you need to with extra payment options.


  1. Backpack or light messenger bag. Stay nimble as you tote your laptop and/or devices.

  2. Gum or breath mints. Last year, Dreamforce attendees drank more than 5,000 cups of coffee. Make a good impression and kick the coffee breath by arming yourself with some refreshers.

  3. Protein bars or grab ‘n go snacks. We’ll keep you well fed and hydrated while you’re here, but on-the-go snacks are great for in between meals and during sessions for a quick pick-me-up.

This year’s Dreamforce Jetpack includes all the tips from this packing list, plus a ton of other great content (and even our favorite tunes) to get you prepped for a jam-packed week in the Bay Area. Download the Jetpack for the e-book of Marc Benioff’s Dreamforce 2016 keynote, podcasts, playlists, and more to consume while you’re en route. See you soon!