Salesforce Analytics is complete analytics built in the world’s #1 CRM. And as we aim to empower all business users with unprecedented access to data, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure they’re looking at the right data, and that the data they’re using is accurate in the moment it’s needed.

Salesforce Analytics spans the entire spectrum of analytics — from basic reports and dashboards; to advanced analytics in the Einstein Analytics apps and platform; to AI-powered predictive analytics through Einstein Discovery. And so, we’re excited to partner with Alation, the collaborative data company, to help our Einstein Analytics users work smarter and faster. With Alation’s AI-powered data catalogs, Einstein Analytics users will be able to find the right data set and right data elements to pull into a report or analysis faster, and save time normally spent searching for the data they need. Similarly, Alation's AI can guide analysts to support business needs more accurately by surfacing the most relevant information within the context of their workflows.



Alation uses AI to automatically catalog data and understand how data assets are most commonly used so that it can make recommendations to users. Alation also verifies the validity of data and semantics, spurring more collaboration when users are confident they’re making the decisions based off the most accurate data available. For example, users can pull up a dashboard and confidently consume insights as they are now able to see whether the data behind the insights is the most recent or stale.



Establishing confidence in data means every business user can act on insights at every point of decision making and every point of customer interaction. You can read more about the partnership on Alation’s blog and be sure to create your perfect analytics trail at Dreamforce Nov. 6-9!

And if you’re joining us for Dreamforce, don’t forget to stop by our product keynote:

Salesforce Analytics Keynote: Complete Analytics Powered by Einstein

Wednesday, November 8, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM; Moscone West, Keynote Room - West Level 3