At Salesforce, we consider the environment to be one of our key stakeholders and are committed to harnessing our culture of innovation to improve the state of the world. This past year we’ve announced two major milestones in our ongoing sustainability journey-- achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and delivering our customers a carbon neutral cloud. In August, Salesforce announced that two of our office towers in San Francisco are now sourcing 100% renewable energy. As a company, we work to integrate sustainability into all that we do and events are no exception.


Behind the Scenes at Dreamforce


Dreamforce’s sustainability program focuses on four key areas: sourcing responsibly, conserving resources, reducing waste, and inspiring all of you who join us on campus to get involved. Salesforce considers everything from what kind of material we’re printing on, to what end of life options there are for the cool features you’ll see on site.

Salesforce is once again offsetting 100% of Dreamforce onsite carbon emissions and emissions produced by employees traveling to the event. And we’re investing in a water conservation project equal to 100% of the amount of water used at Dreamforce. Join us and offset your emissions produced by traveling to Dreamforce.


What You’ll See Onsite in November


While some environmental work is behind the scenes, you’ll be able to see and experience sustainability across campus as well:

  • This year, Wednesday of Dreamforce is “Environment Day” at the Learning Cabin on Dream Valley. The Learning Cabin is the go-to place to get inspired and give back. Drop by on Wednesday to learn about oceans, parks, and climate.

  • We’ve removed beef from the attendee lunch on both Monday and Thursday, and the Welcome Reception, to conserve over five million gallons of water.

  • Our lunch program will offer 100% compostable packaging - the container, napkin, utensils, even the wrapper the utensils come in!

  • For those of you visiting Dreamforce from outside of San Francisco, our 3-bin waste system can be kind of confusing which is why we’ll have our Green Angel employee volunteers helping out again (join the fun by signing up for a Green Angel shift in Agenda Builder).

  • We’ve eliminated single-use plastic water bottles campus-wide - last year by refilling, we avoided using over 100,000 plastic water bottles. Join our challenge this year by refilling your water bottle on Dream Valley three times to be entered to win a fun eco-friendly prize.

  • This year, Salesforce is offering lanyard recycling! Once the event is over leave your badge and lanyard with us in the lobby of Moscone West in our collection bins and we’ll make sure it gets recycled.

  • And much more!

Stay up to date with all the sustainability-focused programs and activities during Dreamforce by joining the Sustainability at Dreamforce group on the Success Community. We’ll post more ways to get involved on campus, including inspiring sessions, opportunities to give back, and more details on the Dream Valley experience that you won’t forget.

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