"There’s got to be a better way to do this!” - Every employee at every company, ever.

How often do you hear this from employees as they struggle to search through your company’s intranet for the latest benefits information, or as they try to submit a ticket for a new mobile phone only to have it go into a Support Desk black hole?

A few years ago, we at Salesforce certainly felt the pain of our outdated intranet. Our employees couldn’t find the right information quickly, and our IT team couldn’t keep up with an overwhelming number of support tickets. We knew we needed to find a new, better way of making our intranet work. The answer? Reinventing the intranet by building a new app on the Salesforce Platform.


How we built Concierge and reinvented the intranet


To replace the old and increasingly unhelpful intranet, we went back to basics. The point of an intranet is to provide employees with the information they need, when they need it. So we designed an intuitive, powerful, Google-like search function to be the core of the new employee user experience, and called it Concierge. We enhanced the support ticket process by allowing employees to view a tickets’ progress and status at a glance. And to make sure every employee could get the information they need while on the go, we made the entire experience available on the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Want to see how we used the Salesforce Platform to lower IT case volume by 40% and reduce case resolution time by 41%? Check out Inside Stories to learn more about how we built Concierge.



Building apps to empower employees


Replacing an outdated intranet isn’t the only time we at Salesforce used the Salesforce Platform to build apps for our employees. Whether it’s an outdated piece of software, a completely manual business process, or a massive budgeting process for a multi-billion dollar company built entirely in spreadsheets—we knew we could use our own technology to create new, better ways of working.

Salesforce really does run on Salesforce, and today we’re excited to share with you an interactive series of stories showcasing how we solved these challenges with the Salesforce Platform. It’s called Inside Stories: How Salesforce Uses The Salesforce Platform. This series explores eight different apps showcasing of the power and flexibility of the Salesforce Platform to solve everyday business challenges, improve employee engagement, and boost innovation.

The series launches today with a look at how the Salesforce Platform gave rise to Concierge, a sleek, search-driven, self-service help-desk that replaced a dated intranet that we had long outgrown.

Go inside the Salesforce’s employee app development strategy with Inside Stories. Look for more stories of apps built on the Salesforce Platform in the coming weeks.