Few parts of our lives remain “unconnected” by the Internet of Things (IoT). Billions of chips and sensors are streaming data from our phones, homes, bodies and more.  By 2020, the digital universe will contain nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the physical universe.

We launched Salesforce IoT with a mission to connect this vast digital world to Salesforce, empowering any business to know and connect in a deeper way with the customer behind every device, sensor and application. We saw a future where businesses of all sizes could collect data at IoT scale, trigger actions with real-time rules and use the power of Salesforce to proactively engage with customers.

Today, with the launch of our new Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition, we’re able to make that future a reality. Many businesses struggle with the prohibitive cost in time, talent and money of turning IoT data into actionable information. A platform service available to any customer, Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition is designed to remove those barriers and empower anyone to harness IoT data to build, iterate and deploy proactive sales, service or marketing business processes.

Here’s how Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition works:




  • Low-code orchestration. Not many can afford hiring a team of developers to build proactive IoT business processes. That’s why Salesforce IoT Explorer ships with an easy to use, low-code interface.  Business users can click their way to create rules-based automation for any connected device. For example, admins at a solar supply company can build automated workflows that trigger service calls whenever a wind turbine generates energy below certain levels (let’s say, 80 percent).
  • Customer Context. Data is meaningless without context. If you’re sending service agents to repair a wind turbine, wouldn’t it help to know if this is the customer’s second failure in a week? Or, to know if  this is a proactive sales opportunity because the equipment is approaching end-of-life? By connecting device, sensor and application data to the Salesforce Platform, IoT Explorer Edition puts all that customer context in the palm of your hand (or both hands; some field agents use tablets now).
  • Proactive Engagement. This is the key value of IoT Explorer Edition: to sell, service, and market in a way that sees around corners. For example, a local car dealership can trigger proactive sales campaigns when connected cars reach a certain mileage threshold, or proactive service when vehicle diagnostics report failures drivers are unaware of (or ignoring, which happens).

We’re already seeing amazing use cases. For example Emerson, the world’s leading provider of climate solutions, is empowering its network of connected heater and air conditioning installers to deliver proactive service based on real-time diagnostics. And sales teams at Schneider Electric, a Fortune 500 leader in energy management and automation, are now driving targeted sales campaigns that anticipate a customer’s next purchase as informed by the performance capacity of existing electrical equipment.

Thank you very much to our pilot customers, including Emerson Climate Technologies, Schneider Electric, Lippert Components and Rehrig Pacific, who rode along with us to bring Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition to life.

For a deeper look into the features of Salesforce IoT, we’ll also be hosting a webinar October 19 at 11 a.m. PT. We’d love to see you there.

Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition is expected to be generally available on October 17, 2017 as a platform service add-on to any Salesforce Cloud.