One might say our Salesforce summer intern program, Futureforce University Recruiting, is appropriately named; after all, we are hiring the future leaders of tomorrow. Our intent is to train and cultivate individuals who will help lead our company though the 4th industrial revolution and beyond.

The path to Salesforce is unique for everyone, and the opportunities here are truly limitless. From a new grad to a director, it's safe to quote Dr. Seuss when we say “Oh, the places you'll go” with Salesforce!

Here's a look at a few of those unique trails our interns have blazed since joining Salesforce full time:


The New Grad

Katelin Toporski: Associate Technical Writer

Her path to Salesforce:

I started as a 2016 Futureforce Intern in the Salesforce Indianapolis office. In April, I graduated from the University of Michigan and made the trek out west to join the Documentation Team at Salesforce HQ in San Francisco. I am three months in and loving every second of my job. I work with individuals who share a passion for innovation and writing, as well as volunteering, philanthropy, and community.

Her one piece of career advice to future interns and grads:

Don’t downplay your strengths. I remember grabbing breakfast with Cindy Morse, who was the VP of Engineering Operations and Quality Software Delivery. She asked where I went to school (go blue!) and what I was studying. I stumbled when it came to my major, saying, “I’m just a communications I don’t know much about technology.” Cindy smiled and said, “Hey, guess what? I was a journalism major and here I am, VP of Engineering Operations.” That moment encourages me each day to reach higher, work harder, and jump to work on new projects and teams.


The Senior Manager

Albert Taruc: Senior Manager, Software Engineering

His path to Salesforce:

I started as an intern back in 2008. I worked remotely for Salesforce while I finished my last semester and moved to San Francisco after graduation where I joined Salesforce as a Quality Engineer. Since then, I've had plenty of opportunities to grow, taking on a role as a Scrum Master, working on different products, and even becoming part of a prestigious group of Salesforce boomerangs (people who left Salesforce and eventually returned). I appreciate the support I've received from Salesforce to do the things I've felt I've needed to do for both my family and my career.

His one piece of career advice to future interns and grads

The best advice I can offer is to be curious. Explore your interests and ask lots of questions.


The Director

Deepa Gupta: Director, Infrastructure Engineering

Her path to Salesforce:

I started as an intern with Salesforce in 2007. Salesforce has let me figure out my path by allowing me to try on different roles; I have worked across multiple teams in different areas of Salesforce. I am now a Director of Software Engineering where I manage 3 products.

Her one piece of career advice to future interns and grads:

When talking to recruiters, show them how you are different from every other candidate we meet. And once you are already part of the Salesforce family – put on your seatbelt! Its going to be a fast, bumpy, crazy ride. Don't be scared to learn and expand your scope. Most importantly — network!!!

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