Ready for a curated, fun-filled Dreamforce journey that gives you a personalized track through our best content and experiences? Want to help raise one million dollars for equality through education and jobs? Good! Dreamforce Quest is the key to your best Dreamforce ever. And there's even a prize for you at the end.

We've had Quest in the Trailhead Zone before but this year it's bigger and better than ever. We've made Quest campus-wide and available to all full conference attendees.

Playing Quest is easy - just complete 5 stops that are curated for the role you select at the beginning of the game. The roles for Quest are Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, IT, or Admin/Developer. Once you pick your role you'll see your own map of 5 stops to complete in any order:

  • Visit a Lodge: the specific lodge for your role, i.e., the Sales Lodge
  • Meet a Sponsor: any sponsor
  • Visit the Campground: any demo or theater in the Campground
  • Attend a Breakout: any breakout session
  • Attend a Keynote: any product keynote

For each stop, we suggest options that are personalized to you. All you have to do is scan your badge at each location (keynotes scan wirelessly) and you're all set. Each time you complete a stop you'll see an on-screen celebration and when you've completed all 5 you'll earn a new Trailhead badge and a prize you can pickup at the Quest Prize Center in Jesse Square.

Best of all, your Quest completion unlocks a $50 donation in support of Girls Scouts, College Track, and Upwardly Global towards a $1 Million dollar fundraiser to help unlock equality through education and jobs.

Fun, celebration, prizes, and giving back - an awesome Dreamforce adventure is in store for you this year. Your Quest awaits: let's make it your best Dreamforce ever!