This year at Dreamforce ‘17, Salesforce Ventures, our corporate Venture arm and Salesforce for Startups, our startup portal, worked hand in hand to bring 28 startup Trailblazers to the Startup Valley with the goal to inspire you.

To spread the energy of Startup Valley beyond the show, we’ve captured a ton of startup stories to turn them into 25 short but inspiring soundtracks. Fun fact: A 19’ Airstream Bambi was our podcast studio.

Photo: Hosts Arlan Hamilton and Christie Pitts from Backstage Capital with Cory Treffiletti, CMO of Voicera


Better Together


Innovation is one of our core values here at Salesforce and part of what enables our company to move as quickly as it does is its strong ecosystem—one that, according to IDC, will enable the creation of $389 billion in new revenue by 2020. As much as we get inspired by the startups around us, startups learn from us too. Simply put, we are better together.

Hear from four startups that are blazing new trails with us:



Photo: Hosts Arlan Hamilton and Christie Pitts from Backstage Capital with Deepa Subramanian, CEO of Wootric

Deepa Subramanian was Salesforce’s first female engineer before opening a bagel shop and finally, coming back to technology to start Wootric, a customer feedback management platform based on NPS (Net Promoter Score). They help our customers boost customer happiness with elegant micro surveys that live in-app—bringing the voice of the customer front and center. By joining the Salesforce Incubator last year, they got to understand how Salesforce customers could benefit from Wootric. At graduation, they’d launched an AppExchange app and have since grown to “best quarter so far.”

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Photo: Francis Brero, CRO of MadKudu

Francis Brero, MadKudu’s CRO, knows too well that, as a young SaaS business, you want to go “where there’s a high concentration of your potential customers.” With that in mind, they’ve built a Salesforce integration and joined the Salesforce Incubator to get insights into how Salesforce is thinking about AI. Their mission is to connect the right lead with the right company at the right time. “We take a lot of inspiration from Salesforce because [...] the focus that is put on ops (sales and marketing) is very very smart.” They take that page from the Salesforce playbook to be successful by making ops people “the heroes of the day.”

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Photo: SaaS advisor Judy Loehr with Will Dinkel, CEO of Nova

Will Dinkel’s unusual path puts him in an ideal position to understand different areas of the business. He started as a engineer, transitioned to sales and marketing and then created Nova, an AI-powered platform for outbound sales. The startups uses natural language generation to write warm and personal emails that they know—based on data—will perform well. Just like Brero, he found his addressable market in the Salesforce customer base. When the company grows up to become hugely successful, he hopes to keep the same passion Salesforce has.

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Photo: Salesforce Ventures’ Meredith Finn with Dan O'Connell, CEO of TalkIQ

Dan O’Connell is a local. He spent ten years at Google before starting TalkIQ with one goal in mind: use real-time voice analytics to get insights from every conversation with customers or prospects. By using their AppExchange app, your sales reps can drastically improve win rates. And that’s just one use case. With 95% of their customers using Salesforce, partnering was a no-brainer.

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