As customers come to expect more personalized, always-on, and intelligent experiences, there's a new imperative for every organization to build a complete view of their customers. Today's reality is that customer data lives across multiple applications — from CRM to ERP to collaboration — and across channels and devices. Companies need to connect distributed repositories of data and build new systems that capture connected data in motion, making them more context-aware, intelligent, predictive, and real-time.

To meet these needs, Salesforce is excited to announce Salesforce Connect, our expanded set of integration services Salesforce Connect includes three core capabilities:

  • Salesforce Connect - Data: A low-code virtualization data service that adds an agility layer to Salesforce, enabling not only access to customer data, but also the ability to proactively manage it, opening the door for Trailblazers to connect and collaborate in powerful new ways. For example, admins at a retail company can now integrate point-of-sale (POS) and fulfillment data from POS and ERP systems into Salesforce to improve sales productivity and customer service without creating a full copy of that database to be maintained in another location.
  • Platform Events: Our event-driven architecture empowers customers to streamline real-time integration by building automated workflows across both internal Salesforce clouds and external applications and services. Platform events and the Platform Event Bus now make it possible to publish and subscribe to any type of event. For example, admins can orchestrate a connected experience where an order logged in CRM can trigger an external shipping application, a proactive marketing journey, and an end-to-end customer service experience informed by changes to the customer experience over time.
  • Salesforce Connect - APIs: A rich set of APIs that allow programmatic access to Salesforce data and event integration services. For example, a rich ecosystem of ISVs and SIs in AppExchange have built over 1600 connectors leveraging these APIs to easily integrate Salesforce with a comprehensive set of third-party applications.

Our recent launch of Salesforce myIoT demonstrates the power of Salesforce Connect. myIoT is powered by Platform Events as a high-scale event ingest engine to support IoT tightly integrated into the Salesforce Platform for proactive customer experiences.

To hear more about the new Salesforce Connect, join us in-person or online at the Salesforce Platform Keynote at Dreamforce: