Dreamforce brings together some of the world’s pre-eminent Trailblazers to discuss marketing successes, trends, and future outlooks. During this year’s B2C marketing keynote, “Trailblazing in the Age of Intelligent Marketing,” Salesforce leaders set the stage for the future of marketing and announced strategic partnerships heading into 2018.


New Marketing Cloud Products and Features


Here are some innovations that will help you on the path to intelligent marketing. For the full list of updates, see the October 2017 release notes and join the release webinar on November 16 at 2:00 p.m. EST.  Be sure to register to learn about our new features. Join our Trailblazer Community  to engage and collaborate with other marketers and the Marketing Cloud Product Owners during and after Dreamforce. In addition to all the great new features, we will be releasing an all-new user interface across Marketing Cloud early next year.  


Email Studio


  • Einstein Engagement Scoring — With AI-enabled Einstein Engagement Scoring, marketers can gain insights into customer actions; monitor the health of their customer base; get recommended audiences to target; and use predicted scores to segment and personalize messages, channels, and content. Find out what else this new feature has in store for marketers in our deep-dive blog, or watch the overview video. (Available now.)

  • Carousel Content Block — The new Carousel Content Block is another easy-to-use, drag-and-drop feature in Email Studio that includes functionality for up to five images that rotate in a subscriber’s inbox. This provides a seamless content experience for customers who can now interact with a carousel of products right in their inboxes. (Available now.)

  • Content Sharing — Content Sharing allows teams to be more productive by collaborating on content creation. Teams can make sure that only approved content is used or edited by designated teams or business units. To learn more, watch the overview video. (Available now.)

Mobile Studio


  • Mobile Studio: Rich Push with MobilePush — Marketers can create engaging push notifications — including messages with images, audio, GIFs, and videos — that will keep their brands top of mind. (Available now.)

  • Mobile Studio: Inbox Message with MobilePush — Marketers can create more contextual mobile app engagement experiences by sending an inbox message along with a push notification. This provides multiple touchpoints for consumers to help increase app engagement. Learn more with our help documentation. (Available now.)

Social Studio


  • Einstein Social Insights — Use Einstein to discover images and scenes, score influencers, calculate sentiment, and trigger workflow on social content. This helps marketers find actionable social posts and uncover new consumer insights automatically from live social data. (Available now.)

  • Sales Cloud and Einstein Analytics in Marketing Command Center — Command Center offers a real-time, interactive view of the digital touchpoints between a company and their customers. The product brings together data from Email Studio, Journey Builder, Social Studio, Service Cloud  and now Sales Cloud and Einstein Analytics. (Available now.)

  • Workbenches in Social Studio — Create custom social analytics reports in real time using Social Studio. Marketers can build ad hoc reports to understand breaking trends, track campaigns, and dig deep into topics of interest. Learn more with our help documentation. (Available now.)


Advertising Studio


  • Lead Analytics for Facebook — To measure B2B ad spend more effectively, Lead Analytics for Facebook allows marketers to see detailed information on who has engaged with their content, spoken with a sales rep, or made a purchase as a result of a Facebook ad. (Available now.)

  • Journey Builder Advertising — Marketers can now create and insert Facebook advertising campaigns directly into Journey Builder, which helps extend the reach and effectiveness of email campaigns. (Available now.)

Journey Builder and Cross-Cloud Products


  • Distributed Marketing — This is a new Marketing Cloud solution for organizations that sell through partners, owners, agents, or dealers and want to create a unified experience across every customer touchpoint. The advantage of this product is that B2B2C companies can manage and control the customer experience while providing an easy-to-use tool for distributed team members to send personalized messages. (Limited pilot.)

  • Journey Templates — Create new journeys from a set of predefined templates. Templates are based on standard use cases, customer lifecycle stage, or complexity, and provide guided setup and content recommendations. (Available in 2018.)

  • Community Cloud and Journey Builder Entry Event — Create an onboarding journey that triggers when someone joins a community. It guides new members through onboarding and prompts them to take steps to become more engaged in your community by updating their profile, uploading a photo, and more. (Available now.)

Salesforce DMP


  • B2C DMP Integration — Salesforce DMP will be the only DMP to offer bidirectional first-party data flow between the DMP and Email Studio, which is the largest email service provider (ESP) in the world. This leading-edge functionality enables users to leverage first-party data to activate segments from DMP to Marketing Cloud, which will improve and refine targeting, enhance content personalization, and fine-tune suppression across both email and digital media. (Available in 2018.)

  • Einstein Segmentation — Salesforce DMP is the first DMP with the ability to leverage AI to analyze trillions of data combinations and deepen your understanding of your customers. This machine-driven analysis provides users with rich customer insights that only AI can surface, enabling marketers to drive further personalization based on a much deeper understanding of target consumers. (Available in 2018.)


Salesforce Data Studio


  • Salesforce Data Studio — Data Studio is a data-sharing platform that allows marketers to find and activate new, richer audiences while allowing publishers to monetize their data by provisioning it in a transparent way to trusted partners. (Available now.)

Partner Announcements


Marketing technology is an ecosystem, so Salesforce partnered with some of the best in the business to help our customers achieve their marketing goals.

On day one of Dreamforce, Salesforce and Google announced a Global Strategic Partnership that combines the power of Marketing Cloud with Google Analytics 360. To deliver more intelligent marketing and customer engagement, companies need to understand who their prospects and customers are across every touchpoint, including ads, websites, apps, email, call centers, sales teams and more. The partnership with Google makes this possible.

By partnering with Thunderhead, we are also expanding Marketing Cloud’s real time interaction management offering to enhance how marketers understand, orchestrate, and optimize the complete consumer lifecycle in real time. Marketers can track, reveal, and refine consumer journeys, delivering the next best action across Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud. Next-best action capabilities trigger events and marketing optimizations in Journey Builder and specific interaction channels like Service Cloud tasks, Sales Cloud leads, Marketing Cloud email messages, ads, and more.

Finally, we’ve partnered with industry-leading web content and experience management provider Sitecore. Sitecore® Experience Manager™ and Sitecore® Experience Platform™, the leading experience management software, will integrate with Marketing Cloud. The combination of these products will enable digital marketers to build comprehensive, personalized marketing campaigns from web content and email communications to mobile messaging and digital advertising. Users will also be able to share content across web and messaging channels, and trigger messages and journeys based on web behavior.


Become a Trailblazer


The release notes and announcements from Dreamforce are just the beginning, so be sure to catch the release webinar on November 16 at 2:00 p.m. EST to stay updated. With constant innovation in marketing technologies, marketers have to continuously enhance how they know their customers, engage with them, and personalize their experiences using intelligence.

To get the most out of your experience with Salesforce, join our Trailblazer Community where you can connect with other marketers, provide input on future product development, and follow guided learning paths that chart your course through a range of Salesforce skills.